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In the era of #FakeNews, it is important to remind ourselves why we invest in self-storage. It is easy to chase the next shinny object. For me, self-storage is my primary investment. And I want it to be part of my legacy to my children. In the cycle of hot real estate and stock market, investors may be looking for opportunities beyond the high-priced apartment buildings or retail centers. “The flexibility of self-storage facilities makes it incredibly resilient through economic cycles because people always find a use for them,”says Paul Letourneau, Alliant Credit Union in Chicago. During economic boom times, people use storage in novel ways such as warehousing for small business or storing seasonal furniture. I have a friend who, at one time, had five storage units for products he was selling on eBay. It is common for retailers to use storage for excess inventory. During economic downturns when people and businesses are downsizing, self-storage is a perfect plaace to keep those items that will be needed later. Self-storage is safer than other commercial real estate by a factor of 4.5 times. Watch our video at“Why Self-Storage Is Safer Than Other Real Estate”at We love self-storage for a variety of reasons. A 14-year-old son of a friend of mine said it clearly,“I want to own self- storage because you don’t have to fix toilets.”Out of the mouth of babes…

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With the sun setting on summer, it’s easy to think your most active days are behind you and nothing but months of indoor workouts and dodging holiday treats lie ahead. You’ll be happy to know that you couldn’t be more wrong. In some parts of the country, the summer heat can actually be a workout inhibitor, encouraging folks to bask in the air conditioning or soak listlessly in the pool rather than get out on the baseball field or toss a frisbee. Thankfully, fall brings with it cooler weather and a plethora of outdoor traditions. Participating in activities like picking apples and pumpkins, taking long walks to look at leaves, dashing through corn mazes and haunted houses, and raking leaves should be enough to keep you hale and hearty through the season. Here’s a breakdown of a few fall favorites to help you stay fit.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and that’s doubly true if you pick it yourself. Psychology Today reports that picking apples burns the same number of calories as walking at an easy pace, and the activity can boost your energy level and your mood. If you’re with friends or family, an hour of apple picking will go by much faster than a stint on the treadmill.

–Bill Moist

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