Metrics Monthly | October 2020 | AU Edition

10 years of innovation, success, and disruption of the lending industry LendingMetrics is celebrating its 10th Birthday by reflecting on the journey so far (and enjoying some cake).

ADP utilises proprietary data solu - tions and is also universally connect- ed to all major CRAs plus many other 3rd parties including Open Banking platforms. ADP is a powerful decision engine builder that puts the lender in control of credit policy changes and allows operational/credit risk staff to control changes in real-time through a comprehensive logic interface and has since gone on to win numerous awards for its market-leading usability. In 2018, LendingMetrics unveiled another cutting-edge product, Open- BankVision (OBV) , the ground-break- ing bank statement data platform that allows companies to make better lending decisions and consumers to take control of their valuable bank transaction data. Having partnered with credit reference agencies previously, LendingMetrics achieved its own CRA status in 2011, and was one of the first such compa - nies to gain FCA permissions in 2015.

Its technology and data infrastructure and “blue-chip” partnership eco-sys - tem focuses on the delivery of robust, scalable and secure affordability, suit- ability and predictive risk solutions to the entire financial sector. Now, on its 10th anniversary, Lend- ingMetrics is leading the way in auto- LendingMetrics’ mission: To be a trusted partner that collaborates with our customers to bring inno- vative, secure and disrup - tively priced technology to market. mated decision technology and is one of the most recognised technology brands in the sector. The company has been accredited with numerous awards for its innovative and cut- ting-edge solutions, including winning ” “

It’s been a whole decade since Lend- ingMetrics, the trading name of Perfect Data Solutions, was born. The financial technology and data special - ist was formed by current CEO David Wylie and CTO Neil Williams, who first met in 2003 whilst working together at a mortgage packaging company. The pair soon realised that the lending industry was severely lacking ade- quate automated decisioning, and set out to create the new technology that would disrupt the industry for good. In 2016, following several years of R&D, the company introduced Auto Decision Platform (ADP) , revolutionising the opportunity for the financial servic - es sector to quickly deliver increased lending volume, a better customer experience and reduced overheads using automated lending decisions.

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October 2020 | AU Edition

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