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Bar Pin Style Bushings

Adapter Style Bushings

Designed with a commitment to quality, these special bushings provide many benefits for both the installer and truck owner. ■■ Easy access to fasteners for removal and re-installation ■■ Shim equipped kits provide accurate and quick alignment

NOTE: Special Tools for servicing end bushings are available through Hendrickson, refer to the applicable Hendrickson Parts List for your suspension available online at www.hendrickson‑intl.com With the custom rubber design and high quality inner and outer metals, these bushings have proven themselves time and again. ■■ Adapter style end bushing kits are available providing all the necessary parts for the job.

■■ Enhanced alignment to increase tire life ■■ Superior service life for efficient vehicle operation and less down time

Hendrickson Outperforms the Competition Genuine Hendrickson bar pin end bushings outperform the competition due to their premium material properties and key performance characteristics.

End Bushing Radial Spring Rate is a key bushing durability and performance characteristic that describes how a bushing stands up to radial loading and deflection. Hendrickson bar pin end bushings are designed to exhibit a higher radial spring rate. The radial load‑carrying capacity of a bushing is directly related to its correct radial stiffness. A bushing with the correct stiffness can carry more load and / or live longer than a will‑fit bushing not designed with the ideal radial spring rate for the load-carrying capacity.

Radial Spring Rate

Axial Spring Rate

Axial Spring Rate is a key bushing performance characteristic that describes how a bushing responds to the loading that can cause walkout. Bushings need to be resistant to walkout in order to maximize durability. Hendrickson bar pin end bushings exhibit a higher axial spring rate.


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