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IT’S AN EXPERIENCE. It’s not an appointment.


The first year we had our Dentistry From the Heart event, we were almost afraid to tell everyone. We didn’t have all the variables figured out, and we were worried how our participants would interpret that. The one thing we did have that year was desire — our focus on making a difference came through loud and clear. Fast-forward to today, and we just finished year six of one of the most impactful events in our community. People came from near and far to receive free dental care in an incredibly unique environment. We partner with other local organizations to put on something that looks more like a party than a visit to the dentist. There’s a massage school that offers up free services. Local bands come to play music. Restaurants donate food. There’s a puppy adoption service. A medical van from nearby charities offers free screenings. It’s become such an event that I spoke to one woman who came just to hang out and experience it all, and she had no need for dental work. Everyone who participated in the event was so incredibly thankful. They couldn’t believe that there were people who were so anxious to give back to their community. Many individuals hate going to the dentist, but when you frame it more like a festival, the response is phenomenal. It flips the whole stigma of dentistry on its head. Dentistry From the Heart really is directly from the heart. The entire event is volunteer-based. We close our practice on Saturday and open up Putnam Dental for 100 people to get the care they desperately need. Hygienists from all over — not just our practice — come to participate. Some people who volunteered had

nothing to do with dentistry. We didn’t have them performing teeth cleanings, but they were happy to clean up the office. We couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Ern for allowing us to hold this event. We’ve tried creating similar events in other towns, and it’s been impossible to find another practice willing to open it’s doors. I think that speaks to Putnam Dental Missions, the nonprofit outreach Dr. Ern runs, and it’s commitment to being more than just a business. It’s why I love working here. I believe we should be honoring others because that’s what we’re called to do. When I see my real purpose in this world — the big picture, if you will — it makes everything easier. People need dentistry. Regardless of money or restraints from life, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure those in need receive proper care. I feel blessed to have a career that puts the needs of people first. Our practice has a heart to it, and that was never more evident than at this year’s event. Coordinating something like this can quickly turn into a nightmare, but the good people and endless support from the community made running the event extremely smooth. I believe when everyone unifies under a common banner of service, the rest usually falls into place. I never lost focus because


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everyone was putting the same effort forth. Service is easy when you pour your heart into it, and that’s precisely what Dentistry From the Heart does.

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