910072_Tandem 717 (TTEvo) Data Sheet

Tandem 717 Air and Coolant Heater System

Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions The Tandem 717 heating system combines the benefits of the Air Top 2000 STC and new Thermo Top Evo for a total vehicle heating solution. Utilizing proven technology, it will also save fuel, reduce idling, improve driver comfort, and improve the lifetime of your equipment.

Air Heater Features:  Provides rapid cab heating without idling  Uses as little as 1 gallon of fuel in a 22 hour period  Fast Return on Investment  Quieter operation ensures a restful night’s sleep  Full diagnostics with PC interface available  High heat output in a compact design  7,000 BTU/h output

Coolant Heater Features:  Provides engine pre-conditioning without idling  Fast Return on Investment  Quieter heater and fuel delivery operation  Emission reduction device

 Blink code diagnostics  17,200 BTU/h output


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