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T he holiday season has a way of instilling generosity and goodwill in everyone, and not just toward the people we know. In 2018, 30% of all charitable giving happened in December alone. It may not be the only month to give back, but, since we’re all more likely to adopt a generous mindset around the holidays, I wanted to talk about one way our firm supports our community year-round. Last year, Obiorah Fields Law Office partnered with Clayton County to provide gifts to Clayton County Schools’ teachers and students of the month. Every month, each school recognizes a teacher or staff member who goes above and beyond their responsibility to help and educate students as well as a student who excels in their coursework and extracurricular activities. Then, from that group, we and Clayton County pick an educator and student to recognize with a gift basket and a cash reward. As integral as these individuals are to the well-being of a community, they don’t always get the honor they deserve for all their hard work, and we wanted to do what we could to change that. In the past, schools in Clayton County have had to overcome a lot of flak and a lot of challenges. In 2008, the district lost its accreditation. When

schools lose their accreditation, it means students aren’t eligible to apply for certain scholarships, and some of them might not be able to go on to higher learning programs as a result. At the same time, when schools in Clayton County lost their accreditation, they lost the support of a lot of local businesses as well, severing an important connection in the community. A few years ago, the schools got their accreditation back, and this success was a testament to the hard work of the school districts’ staff and students. One school has even developed a STEM program that’s picking up a lot of steam, and we’ve been fortunate to recognize some of the teachers and students who are a part of that. We’re fortunate to work with Clayton County to recognize the hard work that’s gone into getting these schools on the rebound. Our firm also chose to support teachers and students because they have the biggest potential to impact the community for the better. In turn, when something impacts the students, teachers, and schools in our communities, it affects us all. Teachers are on the frontlines of developing tomorrow’s citizens. Recognizing the hard work of just a few of them is about

more than just those who get the gift basket — it’s about recognizing the important role that every teacher and student has in our community. This is the cause our firm felt compelled to support, but it’s not the only one that can have a positive impact on people. If you’re trying to find out how you can give back, ask yourself this question: What are the most important causes in my neighborhood, my city, or my country — to me? If you give back to something you really care about, you can’t go wrong.

–Danielle Obiorah

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