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Teenager Finds the Owner of Stolen Safe

discovery. “I was just amazed that they’d been able to track me down. There are some really nice and good people in this world. They could have kept the money; they could have said they attempted to get a hold of me,” Everett said. And the teenager’s good deed didn’t go unnoticed. Everett gave Tindale a small reward and even offered him a position at his wealth management company. Although Tindale is still in school, Everett told him that the offer will always be open to him at any time.

Do you ever think about searching for buried treasure? If you did, what would you do with it? For some people, if they were to find something, they would keep it for themselves. But 15-year-old George Tindale did no such thing when he discovered a treasure. Tindale is a treasure hunter from Newark, Nottinghamshire. One day, he was combing through River Witham in Grantham, Lincolnshire, with his dad when he came across an incredible discovery. After using a heavy-duty magnet, they pulled a safe containing 2,500 Australian dollars ($1,800 U.S.). The father and son were shocked and amazed by their discovery. They were curious to know who was the owner of the safe and where they were now. After searching through the safe, they found a certificate and expired bank cards that helped them find the rightful owner: businessman Rob Everett. He was robbed over 20 years ago, and he was never able to find his property until now.

While Tindale’s treasure hunt was a monetary success, there’s a priceless lesson to learn from this story: Being honest and giving back is more rewarding than taking. Your courage and honesty are inspiring, George. Thank you for inspiring not only your community in Australia but also us here in the United States.

Tindale contacted Everett, and he visited Everett to return his stolen property a few weeks after the

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delicious meals that were healthy for them. The woman recounted how great our customer service was and how she appreciated our empathy for her situation. October Kitchen tries to build a bridge to where our customers are and provide a path for a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is why we listen to you and your stories. We want to hear about your life and how we can positively impact it. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So, thank you for being amazing customers and allowing my team and I to be a part of your journey. We are looking forward to hearing more of your stories and building more bridges to take you where you want to go.

by the sound the food makes, I can tell if it needs to be flipped over or stirred.

Listening to the food, the equipment, my employees and my customers is how I hear my “ship.” I practice active listening when I’m talking to those around me, and it‘s helped me form relationships with others. Learning how to be an active listener takes practice. I took a workshop a long time ago where I had to sit across from someone as they told me a story. Once they finished speaking, I had to reiterate what they had just told me and provide as many details as possible. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but this exercise has helped me in more ways than one — especially with my customers. We recently got a lovely three-page letter from one of our customers who told us how we helped them. They had a spouse who had health issues, and they needed to change their eating habits. With our help, they could eat

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