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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I’ve been thinking a lot about love. Not just romantic love or familial love, but the parts of life we love just because they make things better. This month, I want to shout out all the things and people I love and thank them for making my world go around. Traveling the World Traveling has been a passion of mine for years. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting so many wonderful places. My trip to New Zealand still ranks at the top of my travel list. Since Audrey came into our lives, it’s been a little harder to take long trips. She’s so small, and traveling with babies is a trial of wills. But Renee and I still travel when we can. We have a ski trip to Colorado planned for February. My parents are coming down to take care of Audrey for a few days while Renee and I hit the slopes. We’re really looking forward to spending some time with just the two of us — though I’m sure we’ll miss Audrey like crazy from the moment we say goodbye. Living in Texas As much as I enjoy exploring the world and having adventures, I’m glad I can always return home to Texas. I love this community I call home. People here are as friendly and warm as the weather, which I also love! Growing up farther north, I got tired of those three months of snow and A Few of My FavoriteThings WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST?

fit. But now, we know how to wait and find the right person. When someone is right for a job, they come in and knock it out of the park, working well with the patients and clicking with the rest of the team. Today, I’m proud to say every single person at the office knocks it out of the park every day. My Patients I know every doctor insists they love their patients, but I truly like the people who come to my office. The people I serve are a big reason why I love living in Texas. I’ve never met more real people anywhere else. When you meet someone from Hays County, you can be certain they’ll shoot straight with you. There’s not a lot of putting up pretenses or acting fake. My patients are the most salt-of-the-Earth people you’ll ever get to meet. My Family This list is in no particular order, but I did want to finish the letter with Renee and Audrey. My family is just amazing. Our first year with Audrey flew by fast. She’s grown so much! More and more, she’s becoming a little person ready to learn about the world. And I might be biased, but I have to say she’s just the cutest baby in the world. Our first year with Audrey wasn’t always easy, but we got through the highs and lows because Renee is a champ. Before Audrey was born, Renee was worried about if she would be a good mom. I, for one, always knew she was going to be a great mom, and this year, she really proved it. She cares so much and makes an effort to always make the right choice for Audrey. Renee is fun, has a great sense of humor, and just makes you feel wonderful when you’re around her.

cold we suffered through every year. I love that, even in the middle of winter, Texas is beautiful and sunny. I can wear short sleeves and spend a day at the park with my family in December. It’s freeing. My Office Staff In addition to having a great state to come home to, I also have a great office to work at. Almost everyone at the office has been around for over two years, and a few of them have been here for five now. It’s cool to have that kind of longevity. Early in the practice, things weren’t like that. We went through several people who weren’t the right

“The people I

serve are a big reason why I love living in Texas.”

I’m fortunate to have so many things to love in life, frommy wife and daughter to the people I’ve met traveling the world. This Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a lot to love, too. –Dr. Seth Evans


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