Team Spirit Development DigiBook V22

INTRODUCTION Today’s scenario demands that organizations encourage employees to work in teams. As an individual, you may be an excellent performer but your ability to collaborate can bring about true excellence for your organization. When you work in teams you exploit the myriad cognitive and technical faculties of all team members thus bringing about best results. Definition The terms ‘team’ and ‘group’ go hand in hand. However, they have different definitions. They are as follows:  Group When two or more people interact and influence one another, it is known as the group.  Team A team is defined as a group of people who possess the skills and abilities, who thrive to achieve a common goal for which they hold each other accountable.

So, when to form a group and when to create a team?

Compared to teams, groups can be created quickly. Hence, a group can be formed if:  The decisions and process have been already defined  Buy - in is not essential  Time is a significant factor  The team does not have much space to be created and lacks management support

Teams should be built when:  Broad buy - in is required for the best results  Solutions seem obscure

 Success of the goal depends on the responsibility executed together by all members having varied skill - sets  There is no time constraint present


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