American Consequences - September 2018


This New Keystone Technology Unlocks $12.3 Trillion Across Multiple Industries BY BRETT AITKEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, STANSBERRY RESEARCH

It’s been called America’s most

important project… it’s expected to create 22 million jobs and unlock a massive $12.3 trillion across multiple industries. In fact, President Trump issued executive order

President Trump issued executive order U.S. Code Title 50, also known as Emergency Economic Powers Act.

If you can claim a small stake in this technology now, you will benefit from one of the rarest, most powerful economic forces in history… Allowing you to create a potential

U.S. Code Title 50, also known as Emergency Economic Powers Act, to get this new technology underway ASAP here in America. It’s easy to see why…

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This new tech will fundamentally change every aspect of our lives. The Financial Times calls this new technology, “a game changer for humanity.” MIT claims that thanks to this new tech, “we are now in the early stages of the next technological revolution.” But here’s the most important part…

fortune that could last for generations. Today, my team and I are going public with our exhaustive, 6-month research project and have laid out everything you need to know. You can view our presentation by clicking here.

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