American Consequences - September 2018


She didn’t ask me.

Re: Our Newest Readers Weigh In

Re: Back in Black: America’s New Energy Boom I’ve just finished reading the last issue of American Consequences ... Like most of your letter writers I also remember PJ from our (at least my) left-of-center days 40-plus years ago. Thank you for the energy article, our neighbors have convinced themselves that a plug-in Prius doesn’t pollute, while my diesel truck is the ruin of civilization. I’m going to give myself an extra ration of scotch tonight to celebrate PJ’s return, his incredible wit, intellect, and the launch of a truly fine online magazine. Life is good. – Greg E. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Thank you, Greg. And thank you for your diesel truck. Its energy efficiency of 45% is about half than that of a gasoline engine. And while electric cars can achieve energy efficiency of 60%, that’s only counting the energy as it comes off the electrical grid. The grid’s electricity had to be produced by another – probably inefficient – power source. But if that’s too complicated for your neighbors to understand, tell them: “Diesel may spread a little pollution in the neighborhood but electric cars spread liberals all over the place.” “Living in an Artificial World” was the funniest article I have read in a long time! Unfortunately, I can relate. I enjoy American Consequences very much. Great articles. Keep it up. – Steve F.

Mr. O, I have been a fan for many years and appreciate your rapier wit that spares no one. I was excited to run across your latest venture. How’s the liver holding out? – Paul A. D. I’m looking forward to reading these back issues. I’m a humorbean... humorbeing... human being that enjoys... uh, humor. Your new pal, Blake V. Read your Thrown Under the Omnibus book, and looking forward to more of your wit. – Stephen H. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Paul, Blake, and Stephan, I love you guys. Please don’t let on that it was my mother who talked you into writing these emails. (P.S., Paul, the liver is a muscle – mine is getting plenty of exercise.) PJ, your newest member is a 42-month tour Vietnam vet with a Purple Heart & eight confirmed kills... I hope to find a few good articles to read soon. – SSgt Luther L. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Sergeant Luther, Sir! We will endeavor to publish articles that do not cause you to take aim at us! Why in the Blue Blazes didn’t you do this before?! It is about time! – Nancy R. P.J. O’Rourke comment: I think so too, Nancy! But why I didn’t do it before is sort of like the question of why I didn’t marry a smart, beautiful, and loving woman until I was 47.

16 September 2018

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