American Consequences - September 2018


is that no one is measuring the outcomes of the care delivered. And they won’t, either, because of the clear conflict of interest. For-profit hospitals are in business to make money, not to worry about good care. And that’s leading to exploding prices... and worsening care. Do what I do... AVOID HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. I’m against annual doctor’s visits for healthy people. No scientific evidence shows “annual physicals” do anything other than fill the pockets of doctors. And doctors are much too quick to prescribe pills to fix whatever ails you. I like the Mediterranean diet, which consists of plenty of fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and olive oil. And avoid the “white killers” – white flour, sugar, and white rice – instead, switch to the whole grain versions. QUIT SABOTAGING YOUR SLEEP. Sleep is the best way to improve your health. It restores your immune system and allows your brain to clear out debris. A few tips to get good-quality sleep include keeping your bedroom dark, cool, and free from screens like a tablet or cellphone. Also, make a schedule and stick to it. TAKE TIME TO MEDITATE. I call meditation the “Easiest Exercise in the World.” It only takes 12 minutes a day, and you can do it in bed. People who meditate have lower blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease, better oxygen uptake – and report feeling less stressed. GET BENEFITS FROMWHOLE FOODS, NOT SUPPLEMENTS.

GET UP AND MOVE. Even if it’s only a few minutes a day walking around your neighborhood... walking can boost your immunity (which means you’ll get sick less), improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve your cardiovascular health. I like to get up several times a day to take short walks, and often spend time reading and walking on the treadmill in our office. If you’re interested in more simple ways to improve your health and wealth this year, I publish a daily e-mail called Health &Wealth Bulletin . It’s filled with tips, tricks, secrets and strategies that can save you money... save you time... or even save your life. Click here to learn more and sign up. “Practical. Insightful. Helpful. Educational. Can’t ask for much more.” HHHHH –GAMECOCKS44



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