American Consequences - September 2018

a libertarian or conservative point of view) for a government to provide some kind of “catastrophic” health care insurance. But for this to be practical and affordable it needs to be based on simple and straightforward principles. Here’s one I’d suggest: “No one should lose the house because of medical bills. The boat?... Maybe. But not the house.” Q: However, all complaints aside, the huge amount of money that America spends on health care buys us the best health care system in the world, right? No one should lose the house because of medical bills. The boat?... Maybe. But not the house. Well... Not according to World Health Organization statistics. The WHO says that America ranks No. 31 in life expectancy, well behind countries such as Canada, Belgium, and Slovenia, and only just ahead of No. 32 Cuba. Of course, we don’t know if Cuba’s government is counting the life expectancy of the political dissidents it lines up in front of firing squads and shoots. And I have personally been to Canada, Belgium, and Slovenia. Do people live longer in those places, or does it just seem longer? The WHO also gives America’s health care system a poor ranking... (But, before we hear more of what the WHO has to say, let us recall that it is an agency of the United Nations and that the U.N. is

a feckless talking shop with a bureaucracy dominated by denizens of nations such as Potsandpania, Upper Revolta, Trashcanistan, etc., and that the U.N. stood around with its thumb up its... That the U.N. stood around giving a prostate exam to itself while ignoring lethal open wounds – the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians – in Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Liberia, Sudan, Syria... The list goes on. My point being that maybe information from a U.N. agency should be taken with a grain of that highly effective pain relief treatment for my back. And let us also note that when it comes to the most important kind of health care – caring for the health of America itself – we Americans have the privilege of consulting Dr. Army, Dr. Navy, Dr. Air Force, and Dr. Marines. They make house calls.) But, as I was saying... The WHO gives America’s health care system a low ranking, No. 37 in the world. This is below not only Switzerland, Japan, and the EU countries, but even below – I am not kidding – Oman (No. 8). Which of the following two scenarios do you consider most likely? A rich foreigner with cardiology problems gets in his private jet and tells the pilot: “Fly me to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, I’m getting a heart transplant.” “Fly me to Muscat in Oman, I’m getting a heart transplant – from a camel.” Q: These rich foreigners, they don’t stay rich (or alive) by being stupid, do they? I propose a toast: “Here’s to your health, America!”

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