Back To Action: Keeping Spinal Stenosis At Bay

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“Move As If You Never Suffered From Discomfort!” KEEPING SPINAL STENOSIS OF THE LOW BACK AT BAY

In addition, lumbar spinal stenosis sufferers can experience some form of tingling and weakness in their legs, and lower back. Often, walking for more than a short distance, or standing for extended periods, becomes almost impossible. Depending on where the pressure points occur, bowel and bladder problems may even become an issue. What Causes Lower Back Spinal Stenosis? Basic aging is a common, underlying factor for people who develop the narrowing of the openings between their vertebrae. Discs can wear away and flatten with age, leading to a smaller gap through which nerves can pass. In addition, bone spurs that form as a result of osteoarthritis may cause narrowing of the spine. In either case, these age-related disorders put pressure on the spinal nerve. It is possible for younger adults to also experience spinal stenosis. Poor posture, or certain injuries can lead to the narrowing of the vertebrae, as can disorders affecting joints above or below stenosis areas. How Physical Therapy Can Help Spinal Stenosis. Unless you have an extremely advanced formofspinalstenosis,yourdoctorwill likely recommendamoreconservative approach. Physical therapy is the physician preferred treatment for spinal stenosis. It improves your ability to walk and perform other daily movements -- and, most importantly, to eliminate the pain you feel when undertaking those movements. Call us today to speak with your physical therapist, or come on in for a free consultation.

PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS They make exercising fun! “I want to thank Back to Action Physical Therapy for all of their help in getting me back to work. I sustained a fall at work and injured the left side of my flank and low back. I operate heavy equipment and could not climb into the tractor or perform any lifting because it caused increased pain. I was told there was nothing wrong with me when I went to the hospital, but luckily my doctor sent me to therapy because he saw how much pain I was in. In just twelve treatments, I was back to normal. Within two weeks, I started to see an improvement and started to feel better.The staff is very friendly and professional. They make exercising fun and provide a great atmosphere. I’m very pleased with my treatment and results and recommend Back to Action to anyone needing therapy.” - Jaime R. I am no longer on pain medications!

Look inside to learn more about our programs to say goodbye to aches and pains and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle! “Back to Action Physical Therapy has been extremely helpful. I came in and could barely walk due to excruciating back pain. I also had trouble sleeping and sitting for long periods of time. I learned that you do not get results on the first visit but, with time and patience, you eventually see positive results. The staff is excellent and very helpful. I highly recommend BTA to anyone needing pain relief. I am no longer on pain medications and have resumed my normal activities. Thanks BTA!” - Crystal R.

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