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Gratitude for Our Team The People Who Embody the Goals of Professional Physical Therapy

Knowing that our staff treats our patients like people — the exact opposite way the traditional medical system treats them — gives me peace of mind. If I thought patient care was suffering, it would be impossible for me to devote energy to other aspects of the practice. Personalized care is the cornerstone of our practice. Without it, we’re utterly lost. Luckily, with the team we have now, that is the last concern I ever have to worry about. The nature of our team is such that we have the time and resources to invest in improving our community as a whole. We run two workshops per month, allowing us to spread the word about alternative treatment options and innovations like our LightForce Class IV Medical Therapy Laser. We’ve also stepped up our philanthropic efforts in 2018. In addition to sponsoring a family during the holidays, we’ve increased our donations to charities. Being able to give back to the community is one of the great joys of having a thriving practice, and we view it as part of our larger mission.

The holiday season is always a reflective time. It’s hard not to look back on the year as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a year that I’ll always remember fondly, as it’s been one of growth and development for Professional Physical Therapy.

As we sit down to turkey this year — well, actually, it will be turkey and ham, as my husband hates turkey — I will surely reserve a moment to express my gratitude for our team and

Sarah, Sue K, Alex, Sue F, Greg, Amber

Noreen, Christine, Allie, and Ashlee

Because of what a wonderful year it’s been for the practice, I want to dedicate this issue to the wonderful staff we have here at Professional Physical Therapy. They are the people who keep the practice running smoothly and provide exceptional care to our patients. It’s a total team effort; everyone believes in our common goals and putting patients first is the mutual top priority. We like to think of our mission, purpose, and values as the DNA of Professional Physical Therapy. Just like our own DNA informs the way we act, I expect our company DNA to influence every aspect of the practice — it needs to be in our blood, and we need to live it every day. To have a team that takes that DNA seriously is something I’ll never take for granted. That’s doubly true as I’ve taken more time to focus on expanding our practice and its involvement in the community. I’ve always loved being a clinician, but improving myself as a business owner requires another skill set entirely. In order to step away from patient care and spend more time on being a business owner, I needed to feel comfortable with our staff embodying our DNA.

patients. You have all contributed to making 2018 the best year yet for Professional Physical Therapy. For that, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly thank you, but it won’t stop me from trying.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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