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‘Tis the season to flock to the stores to find the hottest deals on the coolest products just in time for the holidays. For older adults, however, braving a crowded parking lot and long lines can be a painful, difficult ordeal. Luckily, you don’t have to participate in this “rate” race in order to give your grandchildren presents they’ll cherish for years to come. Follow these steps to generate ideas for affordable, unforgettable gifts. STEP 1: MAKE A BUDGET Regardless of how much you’ve saved for retirement, you need to consider the finances. The best way to establish a budget is to set aside a holiday fund including the total amount of money you’re comfortable spending. Divide that total by the number of grandchildren you have, and you’ll now know approximately how much you can spend on each gift. Remember, too, that many presents don’t have to come with a price tag. STEP 2: TALK TO THE PARENTS Parents are the best resource for ideas of what is and isn’t an appropriate gift. They can tell you what each child is interested in, as well as list any gifts to avoid. Parents’ insights will prove invaluable when it comes time to make a decision, especially because different parents have varying ideas of what’s acceptable. GetYour Grandchildren the Perfect Gifts

STEP 3: GIVE AN EXPERIENCE Consider giving an experience-based gift rather than a toy or material object. Maybe you want to give all of the children in one family tickets for a getaway. Perhaps you want to accompany them to a museum or sporting event. No matter the experience that fits your family best, these gifts can create lasting memories for everyone. STEP 4: ADD A THOUGHTFUL TOUCH After you’ve purchased all of your gifts, take the time to add something personal to each of them. A handwritten letter, old photos, or other mementos could end up having just as much of an impact as the gift itself. It will also let the child know that you’re thinking of them, which is especially meaningful when you can’t spend the holidays together. STEP 5: HAVE FUN Buying gifts for your grandkids should be a joyful experience and a way to express your love. That’s what matters most of all.


of the Month


“Every year, the sports radio station I listen to has a day of pledges for the Jimmy Fund. Listening to some of the patients (especially the young kids) is both heart-wrenching and rewarding. The people affected by this terrible disease show their courage each and every day, not knowing if tomorrow might be their last.”

John was chosen as patient of the month for many reasons. With challenging odds after a second shoulder surgery, he was able to obtain a great outcome with physical therapy. John was consistent with his program, and although at some points the gains were incremental, he never became discouraged. With a smile and kind word for everybody, he was a pleasure to be around. Great work, John! In honor of John’s excellence, Professional Physical Therapy will be donating $100 to the Jimmy Fund.

– John Doherty

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