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The Fourth at My Aunt and Uncle’s A Family Tradition Filled With People From All Over Notes FromThe Field 818-369-7900

My family has celebrated the Fourth of July the same way for the past 30 or so years. We would visit my aunt and uncle in Glendale, California, to celebrate the holiday at their house, swim in their gigantic pool, and enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs. Every year, family and friends would come from all over just to enjoy the holiday and spend the entire day there. We’d arrive at about 11:00 in the morning and not head back home until about 9:00 at night, sometimes even later. Each visit was filled with great times, and whenever the Fourth comes around, it brings back a lot of good memories. It was always fun to hang out in the backyard at my aunt and uncle’s and visit with everyone. Sometimes, we could even hear the fireworks from Dodger Stadium. Both my brother and I learned how to swim in that backyard pool, and later in life, so did my own kids. We’d play pool volleyball for hours on end, and we even made up a few games of our own. One game we loved to play was called Dibble Dabble. Someone would take a toothpick, jump into the pool, and let it go. They’d swim back over to the edge of the pool where the rest of us would be standing, and then we’d all look for the toothpick. When someone saw it, they’d dive into the pool and try to grab it. Much to her dismay, my aunt’s poodles — usually fresh from the groomer —would run around the pool while we played our games and, inevitably, slip and fall into the water, ruining their meticulous hairdos.

forget the moments we had together. When my uncle passed away in 2001, we spent the next 15 years visiting my aunt for the Fourth. Her neighbors, close family friends, family, and even coworkers would come from all over, continuing the tradition of celebrating Independence Day together. Then, shortly after the Fourth of July in 2016, my aunt passed away, and my cousin inherited her house. And we’ve continued the tradition. With the pandemic and the shelter-at-home orders in Southern California, we’ll be unable to visit my cousin and her home this year. We might plan a simple barbecue in our backyard and call up a few relatives. Or maybe we’ll head to our cabin in Utah, we’re not sure. Either way, the virus won’t allow us to get together in great numbers. Yet, despite that, I know we’ll have a wonderful holiday and create even more special memories.

Because of those visits and celebrations, the Fourth of July really means being with family. My family has always enjoyed the holiday, and I’ll never

“Because of those visits and celebrations, the Fourth of July really means being with family.”

I hope that no matter how you choose to celebrate the Fourth this month, you, your family, and your friends have a wonderful holiday. | 1

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