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April 2020

Whenever life throws obstacles my way, family is the best support system to guide me through tough times. Since April 10 is National Siblings Day, I thought I would showcase my brothers, who are my support system, and tell you about how they positively impact my work. Family has always been my highest priority, which stems from listening to my parents talk about their childhoods and how important family was to them. My mom had three brothers, and their relationships were the greatest treasures of her life. My dad had six siblings, and their bonds were his most prized “possessions.” He was the best man in all four of his brothers’ weddings — a testament to how he was viewed by his brothers. While I may not have six siblings, I do have two amazing brothers. Growing up, we had a great childhood, and even to this day, we still look out for one another. We all have very similar personalities, and we bonded over baseball early on. For my older brother, Larry, and my younger brother, Les, baseball was always our thing, and if we weren’t playing it, we were watching it or looking up the latest major league scores. Due to that bond, we never got on each other’s nerves. If we did, the moments were so few and far between that they’re hard to recall. Consequently, my relationships with my brothers are such a cornerstone of who I am that their impact on me bleeds into what I do. When I’m putting together estate plans, I’m always thinking of how to promote and maintain family harmony. When the stress of dealing with the sickness or death of a loved one bubbles to the surface, some families fall apart at the seams, especially because everyone deals with stress and their feelings in their own way. So even though it’s usually beyond the scope of an estate plan, it’s important to me that my clients and I build plans that consider and prioritize family relationships. I make a point to maintain my own family relationships. If your family is scattered across the U.S. like mine, I recommend getting together and doing something fun once a year. My brothers and I get together as much as we can, whether it’s with the entire family or just a brothers weekend. Our goal, now that we have all raised our children, is for the three of us to get together at least once a year to catch up in person. Last year, we went to spring training baseball games in Arizona, and this summer we plan to meet here in Omaha for the College World Series. Because of the bonds my brothers and I have maintained through the years, when I start working with a client, I make a conscious effort to consider how we can best promote harmony in their family. This is a

difficult task because everyone communicates differently, which gets magnified when there is tension.

I hope you can see why my family, and my brothers in particular, have been so influential in my life. They naturally affect what I do, and thanks to them, I have a forward-thinking mindset for my line of work. Call it destiny or an unbelievable coincidence, but whatever it is, to be able to positively affect family dynamics in these situations is kind of my destiny. So if you have any concerns regarding your own estate plan, reach out anytime. We will work with you to make things as easy as we can on your family and to promote family harmony in the process.

-LeRoy Peterson

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