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‘The Stray’ …Continued From Page 4

kittens sure are cute, but I am afraid they may not share my hatred for rats.

County. In recent years, our surroundings of sunflower fields and prairies have been replaced with neighborhoods of D.R. Horton Express homes. As each home is developed, the native rodent population scrambles to make a new home, inching closer and closer to ClearWater Plumbing. Now, I’m an animal guy, but I hate rats. I respect them for their industrious drive to adapt so quickly to new environments, but it’s hard not to view them as a nuisance when you have over 60 animals to care for and feed. Then, a brilliant idea came with a glimmer of hope. My wife, Amy, had been wanting another dog to keep our shop buddy, Captain, a 139-pound Great Pyrenees, from getting too lonely. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a dog whose natural instinct is to hunt rodents and plant fear in the hearts of rats. I began to research about 10 different breeds including terriers, schnauzers, and German pinschers. I even looked for cats with hunting instincts, too. Then, Amy beat me to the punch. Nothing in my research told me about the hunting abilities of the Great Pyrenees. I had been looking at smaller dogs to deploy under buildings and in tight spots, not a 100-pound dog who will happily choose to soak up the air conditioning when it’s over 73 F outside. To satisfy my hunting needs, I settled on two free kittens from a nice, old man on the side of the road in Mineral Wells, Texas. The Without consulting my exhaustive research, Amy brought in The Stray.

We have a bad habit of saying “yes” to adopting animals. Take a look for yourself.

Even so, The Stray has a good life. He was a rescue, and now he gets to wander three acres with Captain, protecting the great frontier from coyotes — but not rodents. The Stray has about 35 people to pet him daily, and he gets fed leftover breakfast burritos and hamburgers. Nobody feeds me hamburgers … I may call himThe Stray, but he’s also known as Louie by those who aren’t as funny as me. Some even call him Front Line Louie because he’s first to police the fence at night when the coyotes are yipping. Please don’t tell my wife and daughters, but I really do like The Stray, and we are glad to have him as our night watchman and playful pet. STRAY OR ESTRAY — WHICH IS CORRECT? says that estray is an “animal that has strayed” or “domestic animals, as a horse or a sheep, found wandering or without an owner.” In most cases, estrays include domesticated animals and not pets, necessarily. So if the sheriff found my goat in Parker County, I would suspect the goat would be considered estray livestock. If the sheriff found our pet cat in Parker County, he would be considered merely a stray.


Three dogs: Paka, Luna, Trixable the Great

Two cats: Cali and Ginger


Twodogs: Captain and The Stray

Two cats: Black Phone and Grey Phone

• • •

Six ducks , all mallards

Twenty chickens , all hens

Two goats: Mac and Indie (They even have their own jingle!) Twenty fish , all goldfish and koi

Mr. Slankey and Gray Phone

If you count each fish on its own, we have over 60 critters among us. I bet you’re thinking: “Ok, Jeff. What does this have to do with the stray dog you’re so mean to?” Well, that’s a good question. The answer starts with where our shop is located.

– Jeff Longspaugh

We are in northwest Fort Worth in one of the fastest growing communities in Tarrant


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