Somerset Wedding Registration Service - Ceremonies Guide

This is a interactive flipbook, We provide civil ceremonies, and much more, for Somerset County Council and North Somerset Council. We think that Somerset is the best place in the world to get married or form your civil partnership, renew your vows, celebrate your new child or become a British Citizen. We hold over 3000 ceremonies every year and our team are passionate about making each one memorable and unique.


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NEED A QUICK START GUIDE? HERE’S THE ABSOLUTE BASICS! Step 1: Marriage or Civil Partnership – which would you prefer? Step 2: Choose your venue – Register Office, Approved Premises or Church? Step 3: Pick a date and time – aim to be flexible for Step 4, just in case Step 4: Book your registrar – up to 2 years ahead in Somerset Step 5: Give notice – we recommend 3-6 months in advance Step 6: Plan your ceremony – send us your choices a month beforehand Step 7: Turn up and say “I Do” – congratulations!



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ALL ABOUT US (EVEN THOUGH IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, REALLY) Welcome to Somerset Registration Service! We provide civil ceremonies, and much more, for the councils in Somerset and North Somerset. We hold over 3000 ceremonies every year and our team are genuinely passionate about making each and every one memorable and unique. Hand on heart, we think this is the best place in the world to get married, form a partnership, renew your vows or celebrate your new child. Somerset is a fantastic backdrop for your celebrations. We have elegant country houses, picturesque villages, quirky towns, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a National Park. We have sandy coasts and wild moors, rolling hills and tranquil levels, friendly pubs and grand hotels, historic castles and chilled out barns. Whatever your dream day, we have something to fit the bill. We hope this guide gives you everything you need to start planning your special day, from very first steps, navigating the essential legalities to what to expect on the day itself. For more details on absolutely everything, just visit our website where we have answers to heaps of FAQs not covered here.

Find contact details for all our offices inside the back cover.



If you have your heart set on a particular date, you may need to be flexible about the venue. If your priority is Location Location Location, then it’s a good idea to have some alternative dates in mind.

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Both types of ceremony cost the same and are available to both same and opposite sex couples. You can have either one as a simple “2+2” ceremony for yourselves and two witnesses, or as a full ceremony with all your friends and family present. Visit our website for more information about the differences between the two. Just let us know which you would prefer when you send in your booking request.

Throughout this guide, we normally refer to marriage or weddings to keep things simple and a bit less wordy. However, this includes civil partnerships too as the process is essentially the same. If you’re unsure which one is for you, hopefully this will help! We provide civil marriages, which we just refer to as marriages. Legally, these are the same as traditional church marriages but can contain no religious content – that’s what makes them “civil”. They can take place at register offices or approved premises that are licensed for ceremonies.

A civil partnership provides the same legal rights and responsibilities as a marriage, but it is purely a legal contract without the traditional associations. Some people choose this type of union if they are uncomfortable with the historic idea of marriage. Civil partnerships were originally introduced for same sex couples before they had the opportunity to marry, but this was extended to all couples from 2020. The main difference to the ceremony is that you have the option not say your vows out loud for a partnership. It can be a simple signing instead - whatever you are comfortable with.

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CHOOSING YOUR VENUE Approved Premises, Church or Register Office?

for civil ceremonies, with more being added all the time. Prices start from just a few hundred pounds at a town hall, right up to hiring your own country house for the weekend, complete with swimming pool, croquet lawn and private chef. Our teams are available for morning, afternoon or evening ceremonies at all these locations throughout the year, except Christmas & Boxing Day – even we need a break from making dreams come true! You can find a full list of every location in our Venue Directory online. It’s fully filterable by capacity, price, style and a whole host of other options like catering, accommodation and whether they are pet friendly. Some venues offer all-inclusive packages, some are happy to let you have a DIY approach with your own suppliers and styling – it really is all down to what will make you happiest. Most commercial wedding directories only list paid advertisers - have look through ours as we may have some hidden gems you might not hear about elsewhere.

Religious Weddings While we can’t, by law, have any religious content during our ceremonies, it can be possible to have a religious blessing after our registrars have finished or as part of your reception. If a religious ceremony is crucial for you then you’ll need to speak to your local churches or religious organisations to find out what they can offer. Church of England venues will normally be able to provide the ceremony and also read your banns. If it’s a different denomination or another type of religious building you might need to book a registrar to attend the ceremony to do the legal paperwork while your minister carries out the service. Again, discuss with your minister what they are able to provide and whether you will have to book something with us to cover the legalities. Approved Premises There are over 110 locations around Somerset & North Somerset licensed

This is the very first thing you’ll need to do once you’ve decided to take the plunge. There is something out there for every style and budget. Think about what’s important to you, how many people you’d like to be there, whether you want something formal or casual, and whether it’s important for you to have a religious element to the ceremony. One of our most frequently asked questions is “can we get married outside?” Well, yes you can! Legal changes in 2022 mean you can now get married anywhere outside in the grounds of an approved premises. This includes in a marquee, fixed gazebo or in the open air. We always advise having a backup indoor location just in case. The main thing is that it must be a licensed venue so we can’t marry you on the beach or in your back garden - sorry about that!

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Abbey Manor, Daniel Pierce Photography

Affordable ceremonies for up to 100 guests

Abbey Manor, Daniel Pierce Photography

The Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare

Frome Town Hall



The Tudor Hall, Keir Wyndham-Ayres

The Vivary Room

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Register Offices Even with a simple register office ceremony, there are plenty of options. The most basic is the “2+2” – it’s currently just £57, including a copy of your certificate. We offer this at offices across the region so there’s always something local to you. They’re available on weekdays and take place in small working offices. You can currently have a “2+2” ceremony at Bridgwater, Taunton, Shepton Mallet, Weston super Mare, Williton and Yeovil. You can also have full ceremonies at some of our larger Register Office venues. This is a really affordable option with readings, music, personal vows and all your family and friends present. You can carry on the celebrations later at a pub, restaurant, reception venue or even at home. All our larger rooms are dressed for ceremonies, so you don’t need to worry about decorations – just bring yourselves, your guests and your bouquet. Visit our website for current prices.

The Old Municipal Buildings, Taunton Our stunning Wedding HQ venue is right in the heart of Taunton. The Grade II listed building dates from 1522 and sits next to Taunton Castle and Castle Green, making it a gorgeous location for wedding photos. The magnificent Tudor Hall holds up to 100 people from Monday to Saturday. The Vivary Room is equally grand but caters for parties of up to 40 on Fridays and Saturdays. Frome Town Hall Popular with couples from Bath and Wiltshire as well as locals, Frome Town Hall has 2 beautiful rooms that are available on selected Saturdays for register office style ceremonies. The Emma Sheppard Meeting Room holds up to 20, while the Council Chamber can cater for parties of up to 100. The last ceremony of the day even has the option of hiring the hall for an evening reception too.

The Town Hall, Weston Super Mare

With magnificent Victorian architecture and situated a stone’s throw from the seafront, The Town Hall is a grand venue perfect for smaller wedding parties. The Old Council Chamber, full of charming period features, seats up to 60. The Hutton Suite has a more modern feel and holds up to 40. They’re both available from Monday to Saturday. Abbey Manor, Yeovil This Grade I listed 15 th Century manor house is the ideal venue for South Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire couples. A hidden gem near the centre of Yeovil, it is the perfect blend of historic elegance and urban location. The Mandeville Room is available on selected Saturdays throughout the year and holds up to 40 guests. All our room numbers may be subject to ongoing covid safety measures. Do check the current capacity when you book, and in the Pre Ceremony Check guidance when you’re filling in your ceremony choices form.

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Give notice in the district where you live between 28 days and 1 year before your ceremony.

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GIVING NOTICE This is the legal bit that takes place in advance of the big day. It’s not the same as booking the registrar, though both are very important steps for making sure you can actually marry! It’s the formal declaration that you intend to marry, and that you are legally able to do so. It’s a face-to- face appointment that usually lasts around 45 minutes and can’t be done over the phone or online. If you’re having a Church of England wedding, this process is normally covered by reading the banns in church. You can give notice up to a year in advance, and it needs to happen at least 28 days before the ceremony. You have to state the date and location of the ceremony during your appointment, so do make sure your registrar and venue are booked before you make the appointment. Once granted, the notice is only valid for the venue you have named, so if you change your mind you will need to repeat the process and pay a new fee. This is why we advise giving notice around 3-6 months before the wedding, to ensure that all your plans are firm first. The notice is valid for a full year, so that allows flexibility if disaster strikes and you need to move the date. You need to give notice in the district where you live, not the district where the ceremony will take place. This may mean that you both give notice in different districts if you don’t yet live together – that’s totally fine! Book your notice appointment online via our website. You can choose whichever office is most convenient and it will automatically offer you

appointment times. When filling out the questions, you’ll be advised to contact us for a manual booking if your immigration or marital status means you may need a longer appointment time. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you can’t get married, but the session will be a little longer than the standard ones. If either of you are not UK citizens and are subject to immigration control, you will need to give notice together in a district where one of you lives. The process for UK couples takes 28 days but can take 72 days for other couples depending on your immigration status. Email us with an appointment request in plenty of time, explaining your nationality and current immigration status so we can book your appointment for you and let you know what documents to bring. Documents normally needed are a current passport or full birth certificate. You will also need your mother’s birth certificate or passport if you were born after January 1st 1983. This confirms your ID and nationality. You will also need proof of address such as a driving license, utility bill or council tax bill. If you have previously been married or had a name change you’ll need to bring documentation for that too, e.g. Decree Absolute or Deed Poll certificate. Any foreign documents not in English will need a translated copy. If you are not a UK national, you will need proof of your immigration status, such as a visa or government access code. Check our website for more details on what we can accept.

Once you’ve settled on a venue and a date, you’ll need to book the registrar. If you are booking a ceremony at a register office, they will automatically be booked and included in the ceremony fee. Some venues may ask you to secure a registrar before taking your booking, but they will normally hold the date for a couple of weeks while you get that sorted out. It’s worth discussing backup dates before getting in touch in case we can’t accommodate your first choice. We will normally have a team available if you are happy to be flexible with your ceremony time. We take bookings up to 2 years ahead, so get in touch as soon as you know what you want. Once that’s ticked off your to- do list, you can relax a little bit! To book a registrar, just fill in a booking request form via our website. Our team will call you back to discuss availability, confirm details and walk you through next steps. You’ll also get a confirmation email with lots more info, so don’t worry if you don’t take it all in at first! Use this process to book your whole register office package in one step – venue and registrar, including Abbey Manor and Frome Town Hall ceremonies. Our ceremony prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden extras like cancellation, amendment or booking fees, and they are fully refundable should the event not go ahead. All our packages also include a copy of your certificate too. To keep things simple, we don’t operate a deposit system either. Just get in touch at least 8 weeks before the big day to pay your ceremony fee. If you’re giving notice in our district you can pay when you pop in for that appointment.



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PLANNING YOUR CEREMONY Every ceremony is unique to the couple it joins together. While there are some statutory words that need to be included, you can personalise your ceremony and really make it your own. Download the Pre-Ceremony Check form and guidance from our website and get it back to us around a month before the event. You can use this to let us know which essential elements you’ve chosen, and what readings, music and personal vows you want to add. We’re happy to work with you to create a truly memorable event. In the past, we’ve dressed up for a Western themed wedding, and hosted a Hogwarts-style ceremony in our Tudor Hall. Most of all, we are here to let you shine and to celebrate your love. Just talk to our team about your ideas and see what’s possible.

or your partnership formed. Did you know you don’t actually have to agree to love, honour and obey each other? There are several versions of the vows available, so you can find one to suit. You also don’t have to exchange rings if you don’t want to. Other tokens can be used, or you can leave this part out altogether. This is also your opportunity to add your own personal vows if you have something special you want to say to express your commitment. Our main requirement is that there are no religious elements in your readings and music, but beyond that we are really flexible. Getting married is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and relaxed too if that’s what you’d like. You can choose between a basic ceremony for yourselves and two witnesses, or a full ceremony with friends and family. Depending on the personal decisions you make about your ceremony, your day could include some or all of the available options. This is our suggested order of ceremony:

Full Ceremony Welcome & Introduction Giving Away (Optional) Legal Preliminaries Reading 1 (Optional) Declaration of Freedom

Contract of Marriage Reading 2 (Optional) Personal Ring Vows (Optional) Reading 3 (Optional) Announcement Signing of the Schedule

(formerly the register) Photography (Optional) Basic Ceremony Welcome & Introduction Legal Preliminaries Declaration of Freedom Contract of Marriage Ring Vows (Optional) Signing of the Schedule (formerly the register) Announcement Photography (Optional)

The bits that must be included are the declaration that there is no legal impediment to your marriage, and that you confirm that you take each other to be husband or wife. There is a similar section in a civil partnership with slightly different wording. The registrar will then declare you married,

Let us know your ceremony choices at least a week before the big day.

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Don’t be late! We need to have a final interview to check your details before you head up the aisle.

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THE BIG DAY Whatever kind of ceremony you plan, you’ll need to have two witnesses. These can be friends or relatives. We ask that they are at least 16 years old and must be capable of understanding the proceedings and signing the register. If it’s a “2+2” ceremony you will just be limited to 2 witnesses as your guests – some couples choose to have a photographer as a witness so they can still capture everything on camera. You’ll need to arrive at least 10 minutes before the ceremony time. We need to have a short interview with you both, together or separately if you don’t want to see each other yet, to check the details on the schedule. Do make sure you’re on time – no dramatic late entrances! Our registrars often have

several ceremonies in one day, and they need to keep to a tight schedule to make sure everyone gets to say I Do. The registrars will guide you on where to stand and what to say, so don’t worry about forgetting what order things are meant to happen. We’re used to dealing with wedding day nerves and emotions, and you’re in safe hands. Once your ceremony is complete, you and your witnesses will need to sign the schedule. This used to be the traditional register book but is now a simple document with just your details on it. The registrar will take it away to enter it on the digital system after the ceremony ends. Your certificate will be posted to you around 5 days later – so no need to worry about losing it at the

party afterwards! We’ll give you the chance to take the essential “signing” photos to capture the moment forever. After that, you’re free to make your grand exit together, dodge confetti, take photographs with your wedding party, and celebrate with your friends and family. If you marry at a register office you have the freedom to choose a reception venue and time to suit your taste, budget and can even hold it on a different date. The benefit of booking a ceremony at one of our fantastic licensed venues are the bespoke packages on offer, providing everything you need to celebrate in one location. Just let us know how the ceremony fits into the overall plan for your day.

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OUR OTHER CEREMONIES We are really happy to offer these ceremonies at our register office venues, our approved premises, but also at other established community or function venues like village halls. Get in touch to see what’s possible and let us help you celebrate.

family. We will normally include words of welcome to the new child, readings, and promises of commitment from parents, friends or family to love, nurture and protect them as they grow. Book any of these ceremonies via the booking request form on our website or email us if you want to know more.

still wanted to have something special to share and a bigger celebration with all their loved ones. Our ceremony team will work with you to create a beautiful ceremony with readings, music and personal vows, and a day to remember. Naming Ceremonies Our naming ceremonies are perfect for parents who would like to join with family and friends to celebrate the birth of a baby in a non-religious event. It’s also perfect for marking an adoption, or the blending of two families who have children from previous relationships. There is no legal need for this kind of ceremony, so each one can be tailored to meet the unique needs and wishes of the

Civil Partnership Conversion Prior to the Marriage Act of 2013, same sex couples only had the option of a civil partnership if they wanted to form a legal union. It’s now possible to convert that partnership to a marriage, if they wish, during a short appointment at one of our offices. However, some couples like to mark the occasion with a full ceremony with their family and friends, and we are very happy to create a special event. Once complete, the union is treated as having been a marriage from the date of the original partnership. It can be a wonderful way to renew vows on an anniversary – or make a brand new date to add to your calendar. Renewal of vows We do, of course, offer a renewal of vows, or “Eternity” ceremony for all couples. As there is no legal content required, we can be much more flexible about the content and format of the event. It’s a wonderful way to recommit to each other, to mark a special event or just confirm your love. It has also been a popular choice following covid restrictions where couples chose to marry in scaled back ceremonies with limited guests, but

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OUR VENUE & SUPPLIER DIRECTORIES You can browse every single licensed ceremony venue in Somerset and North Somerset in our venue directory online. Unlike commercial directories, we list everywhere with a license, no matter how large or small. If you’re overwhelmed by the frankly fantastic choice, just filter the list to narrow down the search. You can select size, price, style and a range of extras that are on your “must have” list to help you whittle down the selection. Don’t forget to check the location map too, if you know you’d like a particular area for the celebrations. Our supplier directory has dozens of local wedding professionals to help add the finishing touches to your day. From florists and photographers to marquee hire and travel consultants – we’re always adding great local companies to help you plan the perfect event.

Browse the full list at

City of Wells Town Hall

At the heart of England’s smallest city lies the City of Wells Town Hall.

With its clean classical lines and neat ashlar stone facade, this Grade II listed Town Hall presents a graceful, imposing aspect, and is a perfect setting for a wedding. For smaller more intimate ceremonies you can take your vows in the Mayor’s Parlour or for larger ceremonies you can choose from the Parkes Room or the Main Hall. For Prices and Bookings contact the Town Hall Manager City of Wells Town Hall, Market Place, Wells, Somerset BA5 2RB T: 01749 673091

City of Wells Town Hall

E: W:

Little Quarme Little Quarme is located in the heart of Exmoor National Park with views to die for from the outdoor wedding gazebo. There are beautiful gardens, an ornamental pond, a giant BBQ, indoor barn and six cosy, comfortable cottages to accommodate 22 wedding guests. Little Quarme offers exclusive use of their beautiful venue with the freedom and flexibility to design your own perfect wedding. Most couples are looking for a relaxed and informal day; some embrace the festival vibe with fire pits, flags and florals; others go vintage with retro props and styling. The choice is entirely up to you.

Little Quarme, Wheddon Cross, Exmoor National Park, Somerset TA24 7EA T: 01643 841249

E: W:

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St Audries Park

St Audries Park St Audries Park is a stunning fairy-tale manor house set in 100 acres of tranquil deer park. Creating perfect weddings since 2003 and with a team of staff dedicated to weddings, this venue is offered to couples with 100% exclusive use for their special day. As you come over the brow of the hill you are greeted with a breath taking view of St Audries Park and the Bristol Channel beyond. The house nestles in the Quantock Hills very near Taunton and has all the ingredients to be the perfect wedding day setting. To tie the knot your option’s are the bright and airy Victorian Orangery for a civil ceremony or St Etheldreda Church which also rests in the grounds. Either option allows couples to marry within the grounds and eliminates travelling time on the big day and the need for wedding transport as such. The Banqueting Hall in the main house can seat up to 130 guests for the three course wedding breakfast and offers a stylish and elegant back drop for the meal and speeches. The Great Hall with its amazing vaulted ceiling and roaring log fire place welcomes guests and allows them to relax in to their surroundings comfortably. The Minstrels Gallery affords a fantastic photograph opportunity and allows the happy couple to survey their guests from above St Audries Park! The party room offers all the glitz and glam for your evening disco. Dazzling lights and a nice big dance floor

make a great space for an amazing party atmosphere! The Champagne bar and the Cocktail bar offer tantalising treats for all. At the end of a busy and fun filled day guests are able to stay in the main house or in one of the many estate cottages. In excess of 100 guests can be accommodated overnight at full capacity. Do not dare to leave without sampling the full English breakfast with continental options the following morning! Two day and weekend wedding packages that allow couples to enjoy the venue for longer and extend their celebrations are very popular. The perfect idea to get all those close friends and family together and allowing for everyone to awake feeling revived and refreshed ready for the special day of celebrations ahead. Their night before ‘Party at Peregrine’ package has been created with this in mind and designed to suit all pre-wedding plans.

St Audries Park West Quantoxhead, Taunton,

Somerset TA4 4DS T: 01984 633633

E: W:




Yarlington House

Lanes Hotel

Lanes Hotel Lanes Hotel is fully licenced to hold your civil ceremony and wedding breakfast. Your guests will have the opportunity of enjoying the beautifully manicured gardens, whilst you can pick the perfect spot for a few photographs. They have an extensive choice of dishes to suit all tastes and a fully licensed bar until 1am. The hotel has 30 modern bedrooms with full use of the spa and gym together with a large spacious car park for your guests. From their years of experience, they know that every wedding is truly unique and with this in mind Lanes Hotel have an on-site wedding coordinator to guide you through preparing for your special day. The wedding coordinator is backed up by a team of professionals to deliver every detail as per your preference. Lanes Hotel, High Street, West Coker, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 9AJ T: 01935 862555 E: W:

Yarlington House Yarlington House is a beautiful Georgian House, with a lovely garden and stunning views over the park. Guests are free to wander wherever they like. Marquees are set up across the Ha Ha, where a charming bridge leads back to the lawn where drinks and canopies can be served. There is no limit on numbers, as there is ample parking.

It has a magical backdrop which is perfect for memorable photographs.

Civil Ceremonies are licensed to take place under the apple pergola, which can be approached by the laburnum walk. The house can be available for Bed and Breakfast, as well as the Yurt which sleeps 4. Yarlington House, Yarlington, Wincanton BA9 8DY T: 01963 440344 E: W:

Old Oak Farm

Old Oak Farm

A beautiful, picturesque setting for your country, rustic wedding

The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House

Old Oak Farm is a venue unlike any other, with a relaxed and informal ambiance. Set in nine acres of rolling Somerset countryside, but easily accessible from Taunton & Yeovil; the venue offers an ideal location, exclusively yours for your wedding day! With a brand new bespoke barn, rustic stable bar and a secret garden, this venue offers more than your run-of-the-mill wedding, with unique and quirky touches, to make your day extra memorable.

The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House

The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House is a beautiful rustic barn venue near the village of Henstridge, Somerset. The floor is carpeted and the ceiling decorated with fairy lights, drapes and chandeliers – giving your wedding an elegant feel. There is a dance floor and stage with lighting and sound. Tables and chairs are included. There are luxury indoor gents, ladies and disabled toilets. Outside, twelve acres of grounds include paddocks, a stream and private woods. The Old Milking Parlour, Cavokay House, Henstridge, Somerset BA8 0TQ T: 07759 504110 E: W: IG: oldmilk1 FB: oldmilkingparlour1

Their experienced, and flexible hosts can cater for everything from intimate parties to large wedding receptions.

Old Oak Farm, Back Lane, Curry Rivel, Langport TA10 0NY T: 01458 259197 E: W:



Weston Museum Housed in a beautiful, historic and distinctive building, Weston Museum is the perfect venue to host your special day. They want to inspire you to create those perfect memories you will keep with you forever. To make your dream a reality, they’ve gathered the perfect team and trusted suppliers are on hand to make your wedding day truly unique. The Ceremony Weston Museum never forget that your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. They offer civil ceremonies and take pride in ensuring your dream day is delivered with excellence from beginning to end. Their Ceremony capacity is 30, and the Ceremony Room is located upstairs in a secluded room, where you and your loved ones can watch two become one. After the Ceremony, a drinks reception for 30 people is provided and available from the foyer outside the Ceremony Room. Your loved ones are then escorted downstairs to the Reception by a Master of Ceremonies, giving you a moment to yourselves before reuniting with your families as a newly-married couple. Using the main staircase to make your entrance is also the perfect photography and videography opportunity. The Reception Downstairs in the main Courtyard is where the Reception takes place, and the space lends itself beautifully to being styled however you wish. There are a range of layouts available, and they can always discuss other ideas if you have something special in mind. Chairs and tables are provided. The package price includes 50 guests for the Reception, with up to an additional 30 (total 80) at an extra charge. Take a look through the Wedding Catering packages to see what catches your eye for the afternoon/evening offer. Tailor-made packages can also be explored. There is also room for a DJ towards the top end of the Courtyard, so you can dance the night away to celebrate.

Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club

Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club host beautifully simple weddings and receptions tailored to your requirements from beginning to end. Set in a stunning Blackdown Hills location, the club is located 4 miles from Taunton with easy access to the M5 and A303 and has full disabled access and parking for 150 guests. Guests can take pre-reception drinks on outdoor terracing as the bridal party enjoy the stunning backdrop for photographs. Inside, light and spacious function and ceremony rooms with floor to ceiling panoramic views can be decorated to reflect the style and colours of your special day. Experienced Chefs will design and prepare a celebratory meal or buffet of your choice served to elegantly dressed tables by their attentive front of house team. Afterwards, guests can dance to live music or simply choose to celebrate more intimately in the adjoining club lounge and bar.

Your day; your way - and their experienced Wedding Co-ordinators would love to discuss it.

Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club, Corfe, Taunton, TA3 7BY T: 01823 421537

E: W:

Weston Museum, Burlington Street, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1PR T: 01934 621028 E: W:

Becky Weir Photography, Weston Museum



Cossington Park

Set in 22 acres of beautiful grounds this historic private Somerset country estate between Glastonbury and Bridgwater on the edge of the Polden Hills and Somerset Levels is available for a very limited number of weddings each year. You have a choice of three areas licensed for the ceremony: the Library, old-beamed Drawing Room or the ‘Propylaeum’, an open porch in the main garden. There is generous space for one or more marquees and parking within the grounds. A Cossington Park wedding is a rare and magical occasion, tailored to your individual choice of: traditional wedding breakfast; vintage afternoon tea on the lawn with string quartet; an evening hog roast; or whatever you desire to make your special day even more memorable.

Cossington Park, Cossington, Near Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 8LH T: 01278 556595 / 0800 0433468 E: W:

Cossington Park,

Wick Farm

Wick Farm Bath is a beautifully restored 14 th Century Threshing barn, set in 36 acres of outstanding natural beauty.

The barn offers the most stunning canvas for intimate weddings for up to 200 guests.

You can choose an inside or outside Civil ceremony in either the beautiful hay barn or on the terrace next to the fairy lit hazel arches set within the beautiful landscaped gardens. At the end of a magical day you can stay in the sumptuous wedding night barn specifically converted for couples and your family can stay in the beautiful ancient 6 bedroomed farm house located next door.

Wick Farm, Farleigh Hungerford, Bath BA2 7NQ T: 01225 722238

E: W:

Wick Farm

The Market House The Market House is a Grade II* listed building dating from 1855. The impressive building in the centre of Castle Cary has been beautifully restored to provide a unique wedding venue. The Shambles boasts a fusion of modern architecture and original features, including stunning arched windows, beams and a glass roof creating an atmospheric setting and excellent photo opportunities. With seating for up to 50 guests and standing room for a further 20 guests, it is the perfect setting for your intimate wedding. Through the large arched wooden doors, you enter The Undercroft, a covered outside space ideal for drinks or a full wedding reception.


The Market House, Market Place, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7AH T: 01963 351763 E: W:

The Market House



Glastonbury Wedding and Events Glastonbury Wedding and Events Venue is a very quirky and unique place for couples getting married that would like a little something different. Nestled on the edge of the Somerset Levels with views of the famous Glastonbury Tor and surrounding area stands the old pre norman village church. The main building can be decorated to your colour choice and theme. They can offer Civil Weddings, handfastings, celebrants, or any special occasions you wish to celebrate. With a large private car park, disabled facilities, large grass areas for marquees, toilets and in-house catering facilities for hot or cold food. They are fully licensed 365 days a year until midnight and since Covid now offer onsite accommodation so family and friends can stay on site, in the form of a large three bedroom house and luxury glamping pods. The large grass area outside can be used with picnic tables, hay bales and fire pits to create the ideal relaxing place to have a quite drink and socialise with friends and relatives celebrating the event. Viewing is strongly recommended.

Glastonbury Wedding and Events Venue T: 01458 831141 / 831600 E:

Glastonbury Wedding and Events

Nailsea Tithe Barn Nailsea Tithe Barn is a beautiful medieval barn which dates from around 1500 and was restored in 2011. The vaulted ceiling, stonework and owl and putlog holes are beautiful features that provide a stunning blank canvas which couples can decorate as they wish. Wedding hire of the Barn gives exclusive use from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and hirers can choose suppliers to tailor the Wedding to their wishes and budget. Nailsea Tithe Barn, Church Lane, Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 4NG T: 07951 367703 E: W:

Nailsea Tithe Barn

Leigh Court

Exchange your vows at Leigh Court – a romantic West Country estate.

Based in 25 acres of private parkland, Leigh Court is a magnificent mansion house, licensed for marriage and civil ceremonies. With a variety of rooms to choose from and plenty of outside space, getting married at Leigh Court gives you the freedom to celebrate the way you want to. From an intimate ceremony in the Great Hall, with its floating staircase to make a show-stopping entrance, to a huge celebration in a marquee on the lawn, your wedding day will be reserved just for you, giving you and your guests exclusive use of the venue and grounds.

Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh BS8 3RA T: 01275 373393 E: W: IG: leigh_court

Leigh Court



The Flying Fish Barn Located in the heart of South Somerset, surrounded by fields with stunning views of The Blackdown Hills, yet just 5 mins from the A303 and 10 mins from the M5, The Flying Fish Barn is perfectly situated. This gorgeous barn is registered for ceremonies so you have the convenience of the ceremony and reception in one place. It is fully self- contained with a bar, restrooms and garden and the fairy light canopy and backdrop, ‘ladder of love’, farmhouse tables and Chiavari chairs add those special touches. Further, their 8 large, ensuite bedrooms offer superb overnight accommodation for you and your guests and their charming country pub and garden provide alternative spaces to explore throughout the day. Julie, their Wedding Co-ordinator, will be on hand to help you plan your special day. The Flying Fish staff pride themselves on providing impeccable service, delicious food and, of course, memories to last a lifetime. They specialise in relaxed, informal weddings for up to 200 guests, (100 seated). Nothing is too much trouble. It’s your day, your way! The Flying Fish Barn, Wood Road, Windmill Hill, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9NX T: 01823 480467 W: FB: The Flying Fish Wedding Barn Somerset

The Flying Fish Barn

Dunster Tithe Barn The “Hidden Heart” of Exmoor’s famous medieval village. The Dunster Tithe Barn is a unique and very adaptable wedding venue serving West Somerset. This vast structure, with huge ancient oak doors, benefits from heated wooden and stone floors, a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and a centrally located bar. Dunster Castle looms large over the venue’s linhay and extensive walled gardens, ideal for champagne, canapes and games. The fully beamed medieval grand hall, with minstrels gallery, hosts ceremonies and receptions for a maximum of 120 dining, but for evening celebrations the venue can host 250 throughout all areas. Dunster Tithe Barn Community Hall, Priory Green, Dunster, Somerset TA24 6RY T: 07983 822683 E: FB: DunsterTitheBarnOfficial

Dale Cherry Wedding Photography, Dunster Tithe Barn


Swan Hotel Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a large wedding reception or the civil wedding ceremony itself, the Swan Hotel which nestles in the shadows of Wells Cathedral, prides itself on providing the perfect wedding venue in Somerset. Civil wedding ceremonies are held in the Garden Room which opens out onto a secluded Walled Garden. The Ivory Suite seats up to 90 guests for a wedding breakfast and evening receptions for up to 150 guests can be accommodated.

Swan Hotel, Sadler Street, Wells, Somerset BA5 2RX T: 01858 438301 E: W:

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Pennard House

Daniella Marinos Photography

The Oakhouse Hotel & Courthouse Gardens

The charming Oakhouse Hotel situated in the market square of the historic Somerset Town of Axbridge, near Cheddar Gorge, offers couples a unique wedding ceremony and reception experience for up to 120 guests. As an exclusive-use venue, this boutique hotel and 10 beautifully appointed bedrooms become exclusively yours for 24 hours. Enjoy the benefits of your very own private house and stunning manor gardens for your big day. The team will assist in creating a wedding package as unique and special as you are. No two weddings are the same at the Oakhouse. The Oakhouse Hotel can host sit down receptions for up to 60 guests amongst the beautiful, medieval stone walls and well in the Oak Room or if you prefer a more relaxed approach the hotel is perfectly suited to informal dining options for up to 120 guests. For wedding receptions in the Spring/Summer months, the picturesque private grounds and gardens allow extensive options for marquee wedding receptions.

Pennard House Pennard House is a beautiful, family-owned Manor House set in secluded gardens in rural Somerset. A flexible venue with a relaxed feel, Pennard offers a variety of unique options allowing couples to tailor make their day. Everything is within walking distance, so the entire day can be hosted in one location. There’s an indoor and outdoor space for civil ceremonies, or alternatively the picturesque village church is just across the lawn. Enjoy drinks and canapes on the south facing lawns, with rose gardens and Victorian lakes providing endless photo opportunities. Then move to the c18 th Coach House for the wedding breakfast and festivities. Each couple has complimentary use of the beautiful bridal suite and further accommodation is available including handmade 16ft tipis in the summer. Couples can also come the night before, making the wedding celebration a two-day affair. Pennard House is a magical, unforgettable venue while also feeling like a home away from home. Pennard House East Pennard, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6TP T: 01749 860700 E: W:

The Oakhouse Hotel, The Square, Axbridge, Somerset BS26 2AP T: 01934 732444 Opt. 1

E: W:

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Widcombe Grange Widcombe Grange has 22 acres of gardens, lakes and woodland to call your own, you really can create your fairy tale wedding with tremendous flexibility. It is an ideal setting to hold a festival style wedding, with space to set up a tipee and have your guests seated at trestles, with straw bales and fire pits for casual evening seating. Or choose a more classical marquee for an elegant feel to your day. All set in very beautiful scenery within the grounds, at the centre of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, just 4 miles from Taunton. The property sleeps up to 24 guests comfortably in 12 bedrooms and provides the perfect base for family and friends during the celebration. Your ceremony can be held outside on the pretty gazebo at the front of the main house with up to 180 guests watching from beside the lake followed by a marquee style wedding. The beautifully converted Coach House with stone walls and original beams can hold up to 150 guests for an indoor ceremony and is also ideal for smaller celebrations up to 60 guests.

The main house can host up to 30 for more intimate weddings.

Widcombe Grange

T: 07802 768144 E:

South Sands Hotel

At South Sands, a wedding in this beautiful hotel by the sea, is a wedding where your dreams become reality.

South Sands is a stunning, newly renovated, boutique hotel located opposite the tranquil Sandbay. It offers exclusive use of the hotel or alternatively the South Suite is a unique room, licensed to hold civil ceremonies. South Sands pride themselves on making each package bespoke to your needs, delivering the very best in service and hospitality every step of the way South Sands Hotel, 1-2 Beach Road, Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset BS22 9UZ T: 01934 317555 E: W:

South Sands Hotel,

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Old Bridge Old Bridge is a 16th Century Elizabethan manor house, located in rural south Somerset and surrounded by two acres of enchanting wooded grounds and beautiful gardens. Very much a family business, the fully dressed marquee is available for receptions from May to September, with seating up to 200, wooden floor, lining, carpet, stage and dancefloor, tables and chairs, catering area, and fully staffed bar. With plenty of close level parking, everywhere is accessable. There are proper toilets, including for disabled and baby changing. And couples have access the day before and after. Old Bridge is licensed for indoor and outdoor marriages and offers a high quality, bespoke and exclusive experience, in a friendly flexible atmosphere. Old Bridge, South Petherton, Somerset TA13 5JE T: 01460 240855 E: W:

Old Bridge

Barley Wood

Graham Davies, Clevedon Pier

Clevedon Pier Weddings

This popular heritage site is a perfect venue to hold your wedding celebration.

The Glass Box or The Porthole Room, are both unique and intimate place settings, ideal for small ceremonies for up to 36 guests or if the wedding is held outside, 100 guests can be accommodated. These breath taking spaces comes with outstanding views of the estuary, complete with stylish furnishings. The decking area is perfect for your drinks reception and those ever important wedding pictures. With an outstanding on-site catering team at the Glass Box, led by award-winning Head Chef, Nicholas Thick they can create the perfect wedding breakfast, or canapé/buffet menu. If you are looking for an exceptional wedding venue to celebrate your big day, then Clevedon Pier is the ideal setting for you and your guests. Clevedon Pier, The Toll House, The Beach, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7QU T: 01275 878846 E: W:

Barley Wood, Wrington

Barley Wood, Wrington

A stunning 19 th century house located on the very edge of Bristol in rural Wrington.

Benefitting from 11 acres of grounds and with remarkable views across to the Mendip Hills throughout the venue, Barley Wood really is the perfect backdrop for your special day. With exclusive use of the beautifully decorated house from Friday to Sunday, you can really take in the history and charm of Barley Wood in your own time, enjoying every second of your wedding.

Contact them today to book your viewing: T: 01934 861215

E: W:



Charlton House

Scott Stockwell Photography, Aldwick Estate

Aldwick Estate Aldwick Estate is considered one of the finest privately owned vineyard estates in the southwest. A perfect setting for an exclusive wedding, Aldwick Estate can be all yours. The stone barns are flooded with natural light and can host between 60 and 220 guests. With breath-taking views of the Mendip Hills, flourishing vineyards, and elegantly appointed gardens, your wedding photography is guaranteed to be inspirational. The Estate boasts seven delightful bedrooms and two stylish apartments, allowing room for your closest family and friends to stay. Meanwhile, a luxury lodge overlooking the vineyards and the Somerset countryside offers the wedding couple a perfect secluded haven. Aldwick’s personal touch is hard to match. Hosting only two weddings a week means the Estate is one of Somerset’s best-kept secrets.

Charlton House, Wraxall An enchanting wedding venue, 5 miles from Bristol. You will find Charlton House at the end of a mile long, tree lined driveway, enveloped in 60 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland. A mix of Tudor, Jacobean and Victorian architecture provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding celebration. With expansive lawns and woodland, there’s space for any marquee set up you envisage for your special day. With a whimsical wizard’s hut in the grounds where civil ceremonies can take place. A truly unique venue for your bespoke wedding event.

Charlton House is part of The Downs Preparatory School estate.

Aldwick Estate, Redhill, Bristol BS40 5AL T: 01934 864404 E: W:

Charlton House, The Downs Preparatory School, Wraxall BS48 1PF T: 01275 852008

E: W:

Oake Manor

Oake Manor Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life. Oake Manor is licensed for civil ceremonies and are dedicated to giving all couples the personal service this special day demands. You will have a wedding coordinator on hand throughout your entire wedding from the initial meeting through the planning and on your special day. With no hidden costs, room charges or inclusive fee you can relax and just enjoy your celebration your way.

Request a brochure today to see the prices and menus on offer.

Oake Manor, Oake, Taunton TA4 1BA T: 01823 461992 E: W:

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