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 Welcome  to  this  issue  of  the RFRM Times.    Inside  you’ll  find what we’ve  been  up  to  since  the  last  edition.     Over  the  last  few months, we  said  farewell  to  Anthony  Bonifazio  as  he  broadened  his  FRM  footprint  and   moved  to  the BioOncology FRM  team.    We welcomed our new  leader, Linda Montgomery  to  lead us  into  the   next  phase  of  our  RFRM  team’s  growth.    We  said  “see  you  later  at  an  FRM meeting  soon”  to  Brian, Mike,   Stas,  and  Nanette  as  they moved  to  the  new  NFRM  team  to  share  their  expertise  in  launching  Ocrevus.     Thank you  for your  service  to  the RFRM  team. We welcomed our newest FRMs,  Jenee, Susan, Tony, Lindsay,   Chris P., Adrienne, Chris A., and Spears. We also have a new  shiny  toy  to keep us engaged and at our best  in   the  new  RFRM  Forum.  People  have  shifted  on  teams,  but we  continue  to  keep  our  culture  alive. We  are   dedicated  to  supporting each other’s growth and development while  supporting our practices and patients.     Read on  to  see what  this  team  is made of. –   Bridget Smith, RFRM Cultures and Values Lead    This  RFRM  Times  issue  is  dedicated  to   Nanette  Beltran-­‐Velasco  who  graciously  changed  how  we   showcase our culture  through  this newsletter. We will keep  it going. Thank you Nanette.   IN THIS  ISSUE:   Culture & Values at a Glance –BRIDGET LINDA’S Wellbeing Moment   Time  to get SOCIAL Wellbeing, RFRM Summer Madness  -­‐ MICHELLE   What’s Cooking? Favorite Summer Recipes   CAREER Wellbeing – KEITH, BRIDGET   Let’s Get PHYSICAL Wellbeing, Sleep and  It’s  Importance – HARRY   FINANCIAL Wellbeing   Aspiring and Recognizing Excellence  -­‐  JILL   Farewell  to AB, Shining Stars & Rising Stars   Birthdays and Anniversaries

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