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JUNE 2020



In these past few months, we’ve all definitely lived through some thought provoking times, which have influenced how many people view life. The coronavirus pandemic has had an interesting impact on the world, and while much of it has been negative, there are some positives glimmering through. For me, one positive takeaway is that I learned how I can better help myself, my loved ones, clients, and friends in the future, should something like this happen again. In Bakersfield and across the country, we all had to adapt to a new way of living and working in a short time frame. I found that having a daily routine, even if I was unable to do a lot of what I did before, helps me keep positive. Not being able to gather at church regularly was one of the most significant changes for me. Instead, we came together online, and though it wasn’t the same as being there in person, knowing that I could still connect to loved ones and we could support each other in this time helped me stay sane. I believe it’s also important to try and stay productive in times of uncertainty. A lot of people struggled with this while stuck at home under quarantine. Not only did they worry about their health, future, family, and loved ones, but many also lacked an outlet to help them feel that they were contributing somehow. I think that was one of the most difficult psychological aspects we had to push through at that time. That, combined with loneliness, took a toll on some people. As someone who lives alone, I only found myself interacting with other people when I was at work during the quarantine. I found a lot of joy going into work, not just because I got to see my team but also because I could continue to be there for my clients. Law offices were considered essential businesses and, therefore, continued to stay open. Even though our days were a lot slower, having the opportunity to continue to work

allowed us all to continue our routines and take care of our clients during a stressful time. That was important for all of us. Finding that routine, whether at work or at home, helped make things a lot easier. While I was thinking about all of this, I couldn’t help but think about the commercial drivers I talk to on a daily basis. They were also considered essential workers and continued to work and support many other essential businesses that remained open even during those difficult times. They continued to be useful and work during this crisis situation. On top of that, the places they’d normally stop to rest or to grab something to eat were closed, which made it very difficult to rest up. There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding many things, and the last few months have left many people feeling insecure, lonely, and downtrodden. Reach out to the people you care about, near or far, who might be feeling unhappy. In usual times or in crisis, there are a lot of lonely people out there who we can reach out too. As life returns to normal, think about ways that you can be in a better position to help other people now and in the future. Discover ways of saving a little more so you have money on hand to care for your family during the next difficult situation. And perhaps you can save a little extra to help other people, too. Work on building and strengthening the relationships in your life and hold them a little closer, so when something like this comes up again, it’ll be easy to let them know they’re not alone. This virus is a threat to our way of life, but if we learn and take these lessons to heart, our lives may be the better for it.

–Mark Bigger

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