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In The Bustling City, Construct Your OwnHappy Place by Simone

New York Mart 128 Mott Street

BREAK THROUGH THE CHAOS OF DOWNTOWN LIFE WITH SOME UPTOWN STYLE Ladurée Soho 398 W. Broadway The famous Parisian maison de macarons now has a chic downtown home in Soho. The court- yard and dining rooms have the distinct feel of a grand European hotel with afternoon cham- pagne teas and full menu of delicate French fare.

This sprawling produce market is only one of Chinatown’s best kept secrets. This massive indoor space on Mott just below Grand Street has rows and rows of abundantly displayed, well-priced pro- duce. Twenty different varieties of fresh noodles, and even more ready-to-steam bun variations than you’re likely to have known existed. An entire aisle is dedicated to ramen noodle soups and another just to soy and hot sauces. You can also take home a half roasted duck with crispy skin for under $10. Mmmm, love those tapioca balls. When your go-to afternoon coffee is getting stale, and your morning routine is in need of a pick me up, it’s time to switch to bubble tea. China and Korea town have always been littered with bubble tea bakeries and cafés, but the bubble tea scene in NYC is currently experiencing a surge in popu- larity, first at college campuses, and now on street corners across NYC. Bubble tea is a refreshing drink, a welcome burst of sugar, and a satisfying snack. Try a traditional milk tea (like rose, brown sugar, or black & yellow) or slush flavors like pas- sionfruit, lychee, coconut, or coffee. A bubble tea will run you under $3. Most Asian style bakeries will offer bubble tea, so go ahead and try a deli- cious bun with sweet custard topping too! CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH IT Bikram Yoga 404-406 Broadway, Between Canal and Walker I had to train my body to like yoga. You have to develop new muscles before you can appreci- ate the feel of using them. Cultivate willpower while sweating out all your negative energy. Pateo 135 Mott Street

Chapter One 33 Greenwich Avenue

Chapter One is an American Pub with a refined menu located in the heart of the West Village. Pas- sionate Chef Warren Baird takes inspiration from his time cooking on an island off France and shares his love of fine ingredients with palette pleasing




In Chinatown At the intersection of Grand and Mott, where Little Italy meets Chinatown, the rows of markets make you feel like you’re in an exotic bizarre. There’s something to be said about finding comfort in the chaos, when the chaos is not your own. When I’m completely out of place, time stands still in a way, while Chinatown is com- pletely alive. Thoughts of a hectic day fall away here; I find comfort in the chaos of the labels I can’t read, the exotic foods I don’t recognize, and the heaping mounds of beautiful produce that I do. I want to reach out and touch them, taste them, and take them home.

modern pub fare. The preparations of the classics are the stars of the meal: Steak Tartare, Charred Octopus, Duck Confit, and even a chocolate pud- ding (made with house-smoked chocolate). The chef doesn’t add ingredients to disguise flavors; his cooking showcases the stars of the plate. Circa Tabac 32 Watts Street (b/t Thompson and Avenue of The Americas)


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