New Canaan 53

The Bitter Truth Traveler If you want to enjoy your mixed drink or favor- ite cocktail wherever you are in the world, pick up this cocktail bitters traveler’s kit. The Bitter Truth Traveler includes five different mixers in sizes small enough to travel in hand luggage or pack handily, in a handsome retro travel tin. Set includes: Original Aromatic; Celery; Or- ange; Jerry Thomas; and Creole. Cheers! $19.99 at package stores nationwide.

Zeiss Cinemizer

The new Cinemizer by Zeis is changing the market of Virtual Reality Glasses. With its stunning looks and terrific engineering it is able to perform many tasks. It’s great with gaming, immersive learning, FPV, CAD vi- sualization, movies and more. $789;

Geneva Sound System: Model SWireless The new Model S sound system by Geneva is

rocking this world, literally. This sound system features five abilities that I could not live without. One is the amazing sound, which can get loud enough to pump your blood but still has that crisp sound quality. Two is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the user to be able to control the system without having to physically interact with it. Three is the alarm clock, which wakes you up with the smooth tunes it gets from the fourth feature; Four is the FM radio, which is standard in most systems but is still included so that you can jazz out to your fa- vorite station. And five is the amplifier, which can turn any room into a rock concert. $299.95




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