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Becker College Leicester and Worcester, MA

We all learn differently, but only Landmark College truly teaches differently. With our model, students are emboldened to actively manage their learning challenges and to concentrate on their strengths instead of weaknesses. What makes Landmark College so different? Firsts . It’s the first institution of higher education to exclusively serve students with learning difficulties (LD) such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. And it’s the first choice for students with LD trying to acquire strategies, skills, and structure so they will thrive not only in their studies, but in their lives beyond college. Onlys . It’s the only college of its kind in New England, close to some of the region’s best skiing and outdoor recreation, and only two hours from Boston. Value . With a 6-to-1 student-faculty ratio, Landmark College students receive 50 percent more hours of direct classroom instruction than at other institutions. And they get significantly more academic and social support services. Outcomes : Nine out of 10

Selected for the 2 nd year in a row by the Princeton Review as one of the “best” colleges in the country, Becker College has two campuses in Leicester and Worcester, Massachusetts. Students thrive on campuses that foster the College’s core values of excellence, accountability, community and diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and creative expression. There is a connectedness between students and faculty that enhances learning and student success and provides each student with personal attention and a close-knit, family atmosphere.

- A nurturing environment for every student - Career-focused four-year academic programs

- Outstanding record for job placement - Choice of two campuses (urban/rural) - Numerous community service/volunteer opportunities - A wide range of student clubs and organizations - Athletics and intramural programs

Innovative Learning Experience Our professors care about the success of each student and are committed to providing one-on-one attention and support. Full- time and adjunct professors bring extensive academic, career, and life experience to the classroom. Their focus is on helping students excel, both inside the classroom and beyond. Our academic programs combine rigorous course work and experiential learning into an innovative curriculum that prepares graduates for career success. • Nationally and internationally-recognized programs in Animal Studies, Biology, Business, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, Design, Education, Health Sciences and Psychology. • Division III athletics. • Courses in each major have been designed to give students the required knowledge base and hands-on practical experience to rise to the top of their chosen professions. • Students engage in outreach programs, internships, externships, practica, clinical field work, preceptorships, and other career-developing opportunities, to develop the knowledge and skills needed for graduate school or entry into careers. • The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), which is housed at Becker College, improves the talent pipeline between higher education and the digital games industry through its Reverse Sabbatical Program, Virtual Production Laboratory, and Summer Innovation Program–all of which were created to allow Becker College computer game design students and others from across the country to develop new game content under the direction of industry professionals. Learn more at or by contacting us at (508) 373-9400 or

students who earn a two- year degree at Landmark College go on to enroll in a four-year degree program, at Landmark College or elsewhere, and 66 percent earn a bachelor’s degree – a substantially higher rate than their peers without SLD. At the center of the Landmark College experience is extraordinary learning that happens in and out of the classroom. Integrated learning


strategies are part of every student’s daily interactions with faculty, academic advisors, and coaches. Students achieve a personal understanding of their strengths and challenges – and how to overcome the latter. Landmark College offers a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, and associate degrees in life sciences, computer science and gaming, business studies, and liberal studies, with new four-year degrees in development. In 2015, the College’s new $10 million Science, Technology, & Innovation Center will become the centerpiece of academic life on campus. Students at Landmark College, like most college students, form lifelong friendships through extracurricular activities: sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, and cross country, to name a few; clubs devoted to gaming, chess, music, skiing and snowboarding, a capella, and many others; study abroad to many international locations, including Ireland, Chile, the Netherlands and on the high seas. “At Landmark College, I have re-ignited my passion for education… Almost more importantly than anything, I have come to know myself, trust myself, and believe in myself.” – Scout, a 2013 graduate For additional information, call 1-802-387-6718 email or visit


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