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The Bob Crewe Foundation has awarded a $3,000,000 gift to Maine College of Art (MECA) to develop a new program that focuses on the study of contemporary music and its relation to visual art. The curriculum will explore a wide range of topics and subject matter relating to the interplay between music and art. A sampling of courses for the new minor include History of Contemporary Music, Applied Theory Through Composition, Music Business and Management, Ethnomusicology, and experimental courses like Sound and Color . Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Ian Anderson, believes that by creating curricular and co-curricular experiences for students in art and music, MECA can be the first art college to explicitly engage in combing the study of contemporary art and design with music. He states, “MECA is uniquely positioned to develop this area because of our size, history and willingness to experiment.” Anderson says, “One of the things that makes MECA unique is its ability to combine, integrate, and synthesize multiple disciplines. I see ways in which all of our eleven undergraduate majors and two graduate programs will overlap and integrate with The Bob Crewe Program in Art and Music. solvers by combining a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, immersive studio practice, and wealth of professional development opportunities to provide an educational experience that embodies artistic excellence, creative entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. Each year, MECA attracts over 2,000 students to the BFA,MFA,MAT, Continuing Studies, and Pre-College curriculum. MECA is also home to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA) and the Joanne Waxman Library. Considered one of the first Public Engagement programs of its kind in the entire country, MECA students gain the necessary entrepreneurial skills and confidence to positively impact their communities and themselves. Located in the heart of Portland, Maine, MECA is uniquely situated in the epicenter of perfectly sized city that blends historic charm with all the personality and vibrancy of a creative urban center. Upcoming Open House Dates Meet the faculty, staff and BFA students, make art in the studios, tour the campus and residence halls, have lunch, get your portfolio reviewed and have an opportunity to explore downtown Portland. If you can’t make it on an Open House date, please contact Admissions to schedule an individual campus visit. We encourage you and your family to come tour our facilities and talk with our students and faculty. Campus tours, personal interviews, and portfolio reviews are available Monday-Friday. To schedule your visit, please contact the Office of Admissions at: or by phone at 800/699-1509 Fall 2014 Open Houses: Saturday, October 25th Saturday, November 15th Saturday, December 13th This is an exciting period of growth and innovation here at the college.” ABOUT MECA MECA’s mission is to educate artists for life. MECA’s educational philosophy recognizes the growing demand for creative problem

More than a place, or a state of mind, the College of Charleston represents an exceptional experience for our students. It means individual growth, choices, adventure, achievement, curiosity, flexibility, spirit and community. If you want a college where every opportunity you can imagine will be available to you – look no further. At the College of Charleston, you really can have it all. See for yourself The College of Charleston campus is a curious blend of the old and historic with the new and modern. Take Randolph Hall, for example. Originally built around 1828, it has survived earthquakes, wars and the ravages of time, and remains to this day the centerpiece of campus. By contrast, the Beatty Center – a four-story, glass-and-steel building in the design of a Charleston single house – is a mere two blocks away. The campus is surrounded on all sides by the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Charleston, which Fast Company magazine labeled “Silicon Harbor” due to the growing number of tech startups here in recent years. We invite you to spend some time in Charleston. Sign up for a campus tour and information session ( Come to an open house. Use a Multicultural Overnight Visit Experience (M.O.V.E.) to test-drive the College. Or, go to our YouTube channel ( youtube) and explore what the College has to offer. Location, location, location Charleston has long been a top destination for tourists. Now it’s becoming one of the most dynamic cities for businesses, too. In the last several years, more than 250 tech startups – including Bibliolabs, PeopleMatter, BoomTown and Avista Solutions – have chosen Charleston as the place to be. And larger firms are invested here as well – think Boeing, Google and Blackbaud. With a thriving arts community, a booming tourist scene and tremendous growth in biomedicine, this city has become the perfect living- learning laboratory for our students – whether they’re studying computer science, public health, theatre, business or marine biology. Our location, in the heart of the city, makes it easy for students to add internships to their résumés. The Medical University of South Carolina is just blocks away. A busy international port is just down the street. One of the country’s hottest hospitality scenes is happening all around. Add the city’s history and international flavor to all of that, and you can see why the College of Charleston is the home of boundless opportunities. Contact: Office of Admissions 843.953.5670


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