Sierra Joining Form 2020

EVO Sierra Membership Informa4on & Applica4on Form Mee4ng Frequency

There are 18 mee*ngs a year in Weston . These are usually: - a Wednesday of each month (breakfast) - a Tuesday of every other month (evening meal) Membership Fees

£199 per quarter, via direct debit £150 one-off joining fee

Prices are exclusive of VAT. If you complete this form whilst at your first EVO visit, you will save £50 off the Joining Fee of £150 . This is a one-off cost and is payable once an applica*on has been approved. The price for the quarter year (3-months), is just £199 . The membership fee is paid in advance via DD. Minimum Membership Period There is a 6-month commitment to the Group for Members. It takes *me for trust and reputa*on to be established - which leads to referrals and introduc*ons. Please note:: The agreement is a ‘rolling’ 6-month one and we require 1-month’s wriQen no4ce to leave. If you don’t provide no*ce, the next 6-month’s payment/agreement applies. I understand and agree - *ck here AQendance Research has shown that the Members who aVend each month’s mee*ngs get the best ROI and stay the longest. We want EVO to work for you! Trust is built and referrals are made via frequent aVendance. As of 2019, new Members who miss 3 mee4ngs out of the 9 in the 6-month period (without providing a sub), will be asked to leave the group and no refunds will be made. I understand and agree - *ck here

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