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Bob Whitman, vice president of market development for carrier networks at Corning Optical Communications discusses the company’s latest solution, Evolv™ Hardened Connectivity Solutions with Pushlok™ Technology.

WHY HAS CORNING LAUNCHED THIS SOLUTION NOW? There are many technological advancements driving network evolution, like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. 5G networks are key to supporting the bandwidth needed for these innovations, creating some unique network challenges such as the need for substantially more radios and access points. In addition, small cells will need to be placed in many novel locations throughout our cities, which leads to several practical challenges in zoning and access. That’s why we’ve developed pre-connectorised solutions that make it faster, easier and less expensive to build these networks. WHAT DO THESE SOLUTIONS DO IN A NUTSHELL? The tagline for the solution is “go faster, go simpler, go smaller and go anywhere.” To go into more detail, it includes a field-friendly connector with dual compatibility that is up to four times smaller than existing offerings, which reduces new infrastructure pathway costs and enables reusage of existing infrastructure assets. It uses a simple push and click mechanism that

removes the need for technicians skilled in splicing, and allows installers to connect up to three times faster. As for the terminals, these can be placed in a traditional buried or aerial deployment, but crucially also the kinds of spaces we’d associate with 5G deployments such as: concealed holes, street furniture, inside lamppost monopoles, or on building facades. The design is notably aesthetic and discrete so that it can be installed with minimal visual impact – particularly important for listed buildings – and this can often speed up approval times. HOWDOES PUSHLOK TECHNOLOGY HELP TO ENABLE 5G NETWORKS? The size decrease provided by Pushlok is the key enabler. Operators are looking for a solution that will allow them to shrink their footprint and put optical connectivity in places they couldn’t have before. It’s also a very intuitive interface for operators that may not be as familiar working with fibre optics – you don’t need skilled technicians. There’s also a variety of ways that money can be saved in the placement of these

terminals and the connection of the terminal to the device which helps build the business case. Ultimately, it’s a game-changing capability to go into the future 5G networks which will be ubiquitous throughout our cities. WHAT DOES THE FULL PORTFOLIO INCLUDE? We have a full array of terminals – 4 ports, 8 ports and 12/16 ports. These will be available stubbed for a centralised split application, and also available as a distributed split. When it comes to the drop cables themselves, these are available as ROC™ drop cable assemblies or DualDrop™ assemblies. Last but not least, the accessories include port cleaners, connector convertors, terminal brackets and terminal covers. WHEN ARE THE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE? They’re available today! Lead times will vary by region and product type, so getting in touch with a local representative to find out more is important. We will be continuing to expand this platform throughout 2021 so make sure to stay tuned.




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