Optical Connections Magazine and ECOC Exhibition Show Guide

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Monday 7th December - Session 1 12:20 – 13:00 Telecom Infra Project The TIP Disaggregated Optical & Transport Network. Speakers: Víctor López Álvarez – Telefónica Stephan Neidlinger - Adva This backhaul project group at TIP works on the definition of open technologies, architectures and interfaces in Optical and IP Networking. It concentrates on different parts of the Transport network architecture, including optical transponders, line systems, IP access devices, open APIs and network simulation and planning tools. Hear from a panel of operators and vendors about the various parts of the stack that may include disaggregated cell site gateways, an open- source multi-vendor tool for optical network planning and operator use cases in open converged packet and optical networks. Diego Mari Moretón – Facebook Anders Lindgren – Telia Company Gert Grammel – Juniper Networks AI-aided DSP design for coherent optical networks Speaker: Dr. Maxim Kuschnerov, Director of the Optical and Quantum Communications Laboratory Signal processing for optical modems developed at tremendous speed in the last decade, although its design was mostly driven by classical approaches combined with human intelligence. Currently we are seeing a paradigm shift in DSP design by incorporating artificial intelligence using deep learning for components like constellation shaping or advanced equalization. While the possibilities are vast, the computation demand for AI & deep learning can be excessive and needs to be considered in the context of a slowing Moore’s Law. Thus, the tools for using deep learning in optical DSP ASICs will have to evolve from today’s design methodology in order to accommodate the necessary next level of complexity. 13:00 – 13:20 Huawei Technologies

13:20 – 13:40 Ericsson The new roles of Optical and Packet networks with the advent of 5G RAN architectures Speaker: Antonella Sanguineti, Head of PL Optical Transport The advent of 5G, the recent innovations in RAN architectures and densification trends have put new requirements on the Fronthaul, Access and Metro optical and packet networks. Are the existing network ready to cope with the new wave? Changes are not only driven by the capacity increase, but by a completely new role that transport networks have to concur in the Radio transmission performances and overall network TCO. Is technology ready? What are the key ingredients for a smooth migration to the new transport paradigms? 13:40 - 14:00 CommStar Space Communications, LTD, UK The Next Giant Leap in Space Communications: Cislunar Speaker: Robert H Brumley, Founder, Chairman It is estimated that over 30 private companies have invested capital in a wide variety of business plans to support humankind’s return to the Moon. This estimate does not include the national space programs of NASA (Artemis) and ESA (ARTES, Lunar Gateway). Whether lunar landers, mining operations, advanced habitations, or other creative commercial and scientific ventures, all have at least one thing in common – need for robust, state-of-the-art communications. Whether Direct to Earth, or Bi-Directional, lunar pathfinders, pioneers, and developers will need to stay in touch with support facilities on the Earth. CommStar-1, the World’s 1st commercial hybrid (RF & Optical) data relay satellite, www.commstar.space, is designed solely for that purpose – connecting the Earth and the Moon by 2023 with robust, reliable data communications. CommStar-1 would like to share its plans and findings underlying this exciting new venture with the ECOC membership.


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