Optical Connections Magazine and ECOC Exhibition Show Guide

Tuesday 8th December - Session 4 18:00 – 18:20 OIF Building Blocks for 800G, Co-PackagedOptics, andBeyond Speaker: Karl Gass, OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group - Optical Vice Chair OIF is promoting interoperability on multiple interface building blocks to enable next generation architectures for compute, DCI, metro and long haul networks. Building on previous success in electrical, optical, and protocol interfaces, we present our newest work on 224 Gbps electrical interfaces, 800ZR interoperable coherent standards, and co-packaging of optical engines with associated silicon networking devices. These advancements will significantly impact networks of the future, enabling the industry to keep up with growth demands for more bandwidth, increased optimization of power consumption and improvements in bandwidth-density. Learn how the technical challenges of these three areas are viewed as significant hurdles requiring industry-wide collaboration for effective next generation networks.

18:20 – 18:40 II-VI Engineered Materials and Compound Semiconductors Enabling Biomedical Optics Speaker: Sanjai Parthasarathi, CMO Engineered Materials and Compound Semiconductors are enabling advances in biomedical optics for various segments and applications within life sciences. Diagnostics is one such critical application that is especially important in the age of COVID. Engineered materials and compound semiconductors are the foundation of many components that play a critical role in COVID-19 diagnostics. This talk will address the market drivers and trends, as well as discuss how material platforms and technologies originally developed for optical communications applications are now front and center of biomedical optics including the fight against COVID.

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