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Coherent pluggables to transform optical transport market by 2024

The adoption of coherent pluggable optics will accelerate in 2021 as new technologies reach the market, according to the latest Transport Applications Report from networking component and equipment market research firm Cignal AI. It says fourth-generation coherent will extend beyond 400ZR to include higher performance solutions generally referred to as 400ZR+ and lower speed 100Gbps (100ZR) targeted at the metro edge. “Standardized pluggable coherent optics, coupled with open line systems and network control, will represent a major change in network design,” said Andrew Schmitt, directing

• Traditional 100Gbps coherent shipments declined, as Chinese vendors continue to move to 200Gbps speeds in proprietary pluggable and non- pluggable formats. • Compact Modular sales grew much faster than the overall market this quarter as disaggregation continues to gain traction in networks outside of Cloud & Colo. • Ciena’s market share of Compact Modular flattened as Infinera, Huawei, and ADVA sales ramp. • Packet-OTN sales grew outside of NA. Spending remains focused in APAC, accounting for over 60% of worldwide sales this quarter.

some standalone optical equipment, but new applications such as metro-edge connections for enterprises and 5G represent the largest near- term opportunity. Other key findings in the 2Q20 report include: • 400ZR, 400ZR+, and 100ZR should enable roughly a third of metro and long-haul connections by 2024, and significantly transform network design. • Global shipments of 400Gbps coherent doubled from last quarter and are now Ciena’s #1 product. Shipments from other vendors such as Infinera and Cisco have yet to reach large volumes.

analyst for Cignal AI. “This shift will begin in earnest in 2022.” After cloud operators initially provided a business case for 400ZR to component suppliers, those suppliers then designed and adapted products to address broader use cases such as higher performance 400Gbps and pluggable 100Gbps coherent. Incumbent, Wholesale, and Cable MSO operators still account for most of the global optical transport spending, and these operators will determine what role the new pluggable coherent optics will play in their networks. Cignal AI anticipates that pluggable coherent will cannibalize

Infinera brings XR Optics to IOWN global forum

network architectures with its solutions, including its much-vaunted XR optics technology, launched at ECOC 2019. Infinera’s XR optics, the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent optical subcarrier aggregation

the next-generation communications infrastructure to help create a smarter, more

Infinera has joined the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) Global Forum, a consortium formed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), Intel Corporation, and Sony Corporation to collaborate on innovations to enable next-generation networks in key areas such as photonics, computation, and network infrastructure. Infinera will play a pivotal role in contributing to IOWN Global Forum to help shape the future of

networks,” said Dave Welch, founder and chief innovation officer, at Infinera (pictured). “The ability to help transform optical networks is a tremendous opportunity. We look forward to introducing XR optics and other innovations to the IOWN community and collaborating on how next-generation technologies can pave the way to an advanced optical architecture for the 21st century.” IOWN Global Forum was established to define

connected world for billions of people. To achieve this vision, IOWN Global Forum will collaborate with companies like Infinera to accelerate new technologies that will improve network infrastructure with advanced capabilities of low-power consumption and ultra-wide bandwidth by leveraging photonics- based cutting-edge technologies.

technology, will be the first of Infinera’s

innovations to contribute to IOWN Global Forum’s development. “Optical technologies are at the heart of cost- effective, low-power, scalable solutions for next- generation communication




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