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Yokogawa AQ6370 – precise spectrum analysis in a flexible package

For the manufacturers of telecommunications and networking equipment and components, the optical spectrum analyzer has been the backbone of their research and development efforts for decades. They have proved vital in characterizing cables, components and systems for optical fiber communication applications.

R esearchers in this field demand high precision, sensitivity and flexibility AQ6370 series, which is used by both R&D teams and by production engineers in the factory. The AQ6370 series offers six models covering a broad range of wavelengths from the visible light spectrum measured by the AQ6373B to the mid-wavelength infrared region in which the AQ6377 operates. from their optical spectrum analyzers, attributes provided by Yokogawa’s As well as being used by engineers in the communications market, the AQ6370 series is also popular among scientific researchers. With their demand for high precision, these users find they benefit from the superior performance of the rotating grating technology these analyzers employ, which compares favorably to other measurement instruments such as spectrometers. Researchers are using the AQ6370 for precision measurement in the fields of industrial production, biophotonics and healthcare, LED lighting and environmental sensing. HIGH PRECISION TECHNOLOGY The Yokogawa spectrum analyzers achieve high precision measurements utilizing an advanced monochromator which can distinguish spectral signals at a resolution of 20 picometers. In the longer wavelength members of the series, the monochromator further incorporates a closed-circuit gas- purging system that evacuates water molecules from the measurement chamber, eliminating the risk of interference caused by light absorption. In addition, optical spectrum analyzers in the AQ6370 series are supplied with an integrated calibration light source,

providing the user with the ability to ensure measurement accuracy at the start of every testing operation or cycle. RELIABLE MEASUREMENT OF LOW POWER SIGNALS Another demand of optical researchers is high sensitivity. The AQ6370D analyzers can accurately measure optical signals as weak as -90dBm. The very high sensitivity offered by this model enables the user to measure low- power signals quickly and reliably without the need for averaging across multiple measurement samples. The

measurement systems comprised of multiple instruments. Equally suited for both the R&D laboratory and the factory floor, the AQ6370 series optical spectrum analyzers are designed to provide maximum convenience to users, with features including up to 16 data analysis functions and data logging features. Secure PC-based Viewer software enables any authorized user to control the instrument remotely in real time, whether across a campus or even across the globe. Offering performance and flexibility for optical measurements across a wide range of wavelengths, the AQ6370 series ensures that researchers and engineers can find the ideal spectrum analyzer for their technical requirements. For more information on Yokogawa’s optical spectrum analyzers please visit: https://tmi.yokogawa.com/eu/ solutions/products/optical-measuring- instruments/optical-spectrum-analyzer/

instrument’s wide dynamic range also ensures precise measurement of weak signals even when exposed to high- power inputs at similar wavelengths. USE IN THE LAB AND ON THE PRODUCTION LINE As well as demanding precision and sensitivity from their spectrum analyzers, engineers, scientists and researchers also value good control over the test set-up so that they can optimally configure the instrument to comply to numerous situations or test regimes.

The AQ6370 series meets this requirement by providing flexible

parameter settings, enabling the same instrument to be deployed both in the lab and on the production line. Users can simply alter the settings to optimize the analyzer for measurement of speed, sensitivity or resolution. In addition, because the AQ6370 is a single-box integrated solution, it is easier for users to maintain stable and traceable calibration, thus conforming to official standards. This is a far more advanced option than using discrete

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