A: Yeah, I’m not sure how that might benefit us. We’re always looking at equipment  individually. So it’s not a matter of having to flip through a bunch of different  documents at a time. I suppose if we did that, it would make sense. I can’t think of a  benefit for us.   Q: Is there anything that you would like to add to FlippingBook?  A: I can’t think of anything really. You know, once you learn how to do something, it’s  really not hard. It’s not difficult software to learn either, in my opinion. It’s pretty  simple and pretty user-friendly. I don’t have any complaints with the software. I like it.   Q: Do you think the way you work with documents in general could be improved in  any way? Not just FlippingBook documents, but in general.  A: I mean, maybe it would be convenient if you could import something other than a  PDF file. I guess sometimes we have different types of files. It could be a Word  document or an Excel spreadsheet. I suppose that would be one less step that we  would have to take when taking a document and converting it to PDF before inserting  it. But it’s not like that’s been an issue.   Q: What is the main value that FlippingBook gives you?  A: Well, actually, to reiterate to five or ten minutes ago, I think the main value it gives  us is that it shows us as a company that is progressive. We believe so. Our company,  our business, our industry – it’s manual. You know, we’re a factory, we’re a  manufacturing company. We build these washers and dryers that people have to  operate. Some of them are automated but it’s a manual service industry. But for us  to take this industry and present it with software, with newer technology is a benefit.   Q: Do you know how you learned about us?  A: ​ Actually it was one of our guys. I think he learned about you online. I don’t believe  he got any type of email or anything like that. I believe he just happened to see it  online. It might have been an ad on the side of the page or something. I’m not even  sure. But he said, “Hey, we should check this out”. So then we checked it out.   Q: Do you have any other comments?  A: No, I don’t think so. I think we covered quite a bit. The conversation’s been good  for me too, because it refreshed my memory on FlippingBook a bit and how useful it  really is. It’s been good for us.  

Thanks, Lada. Good luck compiling information and everything. Give me a call back if  you have any additional questions or anything.

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