Avoka Company Overview Brochure

4 3 2 1 Customer experience is a top priority for banks. Avoka brings knowledge of how to WOW the applicant and tools to design the frictionless account opening without lengthy software development. Account opening and origination require advanced services – fraud, identity, KYC, e-signature, aggregation and more. Avoka’s catalogue of pre- integrated services creates a best of breed FinTech solution with a connection to just one platform. Outstanding Experiences Leverage FinTech Services

Accelerate the transformation to digital customer acquisition. Avoka helps banks capture the market opportunity and launch their customer experience products in a fraction of typical time. Accelerate Time-to-Market

Customer experience is dynamic and requires an agile response. Avoka Transact allows institutions to analyze behavior, iterate and continuously improve quickly v. Create Business Agility

CUSTOMER CENTRIC Avoka Transact® is a software platform dedicated to delivering outstanding customer acquisition and onboarding journeys in banking. It increases speed to market, addresses compliance and risk, and improves bank customer satisfaction for applications such as account openings, loan applications, or business onboarding.

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