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Residents want gas on Pattee Road

lable in East Hawkesbury, but the com- pany does have plans to work with the government in expanding their services. “Right nowwe are looking at future plans,” she said. “Pattee Road is not on our cur- rent plan.” Bruckmueller said residents can voice their concerns to the energy board secretary at IndustryRelations@ Mayor Kirby suggested that each resident write a letter to their local MP Pierre Lemieux, and MPP Grant Crack to explain the situation and request that something be done. “Write letters to Mr. Crack,” said Kirby. “Themore people that write letters the better. It’s going to take everyone to make a change. It is better if each person writes a letter, rather than one letter with a lot of names.” “If we all work together, perhaps we will get results,” said Simon Rozon, East Hawkesbury council member. Kirby ex- plained the letter should be to the point and polite, and can be written in French or English. “We are bilingual here,” said Kirby. “You can write in whatever lan- guage you want. Tell them we are at an economic disadvantage because of this. Spread the message. It is important for us. It is important for everyone.” According to, natural gas is more environmentally friendly; however, it is a non-renewable resource and, at the current rate of consumption, there is about 100 years of reserves avai- lable. They do say that wood and pellet stoves are surprisingly eco-friendly and are a renewable resource.The cost is also less than heating with fossil fuels.


mayor, but there are no plans to expand there at this time. The most we can do is work with the Energy Board. They are the ones who regulate who gets gas and when.” Gilles Pellerin, who spoke for the Pat- tee Road group, said heating costs have become astronomical. “Why is it that a house of 1,100 square feet on Pattee Road will cost $750 amonth to heat with Hydro,” he asked. “And a house in L’Ori- gnal with 1,200 square feet that heats with natural gas pays $83 a month for gas, and $2,000 a year for Hydro? That’s a big difference. Why do people pay four times the amount in the same province?” The group was perplexed and concer- ned at the costs they are being forced to pay, simply to live comfortably. “I agree. It’s not fair,” said East Hawkesburymayor Robert Kirby. “There are a lot of people on

the list requesting natural gas. Hawkesbu- ry has a contract with Enbridge, but East Hawkesbury does not.” Mayor Kirby ex- plained that several mayors fromaround the area met in February at the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus to discuss is- sues such as natural gas. He stated that other municipalities are able to access natural gas; however, East Hawkesbury is still on the waiting list and he feels it is unfair. “Some people have been trying to sell their house on Pattee Road, but they can’t,” exclaimed Pellerin. “Some have had their home on the market for three years, but no one wants to buy. They are good homes, but they are heated with electricity. No one wants that, it’s too expensive.” Bruckmueller said she could not give a time line as to when gas might be avai-

Certain Pattee Road residents find the cost of electricity simply too high. They want natural gas. More than 20 people sauntered into the tiny East Hawkesbury town council office April 13 to discuss the issues of high heating costs in the area. During the regular town council meeting, residents of Pattee Road voiced their concerns with the high cost of hydro, and the lack of availability of natural gas on Pattee Road. Tanya Bruckmueller, communications and media spokesperson for Enbridge, stated that there is not currently a plan in place for expansion on Pattee Road. “We did receive a number of requests, but nothing formal yet,” stated Bruckmueller. “There have been discussions with the



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