AUCCCD Director Survey 2016-17

65.1% of directors reported that psychiatric services are offered on their campus, similar to last year (64.1%). 50.7% of centers have a full- or part-time psychiatric provider in the counseling center. 64.7% of directors whose centers have psychiatric services reported that they need more hours of psychiatric services than they currently have to meet student needs. 55.2% of centers do not have a session limit, another 43.8% have a flexible session limit (state a limit but exceptions are made), and only 1.0% have a “hard” session limit (no exceptions). This year counseling center staff spent an average of 65% providing direct clinical services, an increase over the 61% reported last year. 19.4% of center staff time was spent on indirect service (training, supervision, consultation, outreach), compared to 23% last year. The percentages of staff time spend on administrative service (meetings, committee work, professional development), 13%, and other (teaching, research), 3%, were virtually unchanged from previous years. The average number of groups offered by centers last year was 9.9, but the number varied greatly based on size of institution. The smallest centers (under 1,501 students enrolled) averaged 2.2 groups, while the largest centers (45,001 and over students enrolled) averaged 50.4 groups. 66.5% of centers use Titanium software as their record-keeping system, 8.9% use Medicat, and 7.8% use Point and Click. 11.6% of centers continue to use paper records.

The average wait for all clients for a first appointment was 6.7 business days.

68% of centers reported that they did NOT have a waitlist. For centers that have a waitlist, the average wait for a first appointment for clients on the waitlist was 17.3 business days.

94.9% of counseling center clients did NOT require coordination of care with medical providers (except for psychiatric providers).

Current clinical staff were 30.4% persons of color, 72.6% female, and 13.8% LGBQ+.

New clinical staff hires were 47.2% persons of color, 71.6% female, and 20.8% LGBQ+.


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