AUCCCD Director Survey 2016-17

Center Responses to Divisive Social and Political Events

How has your center responded to divisive social and political events impacting your campus?

# of Centers


Not applicable, campus was not impacted


1.5% 2.9% 4.6%

Yes, campus was impacted (but did not specify center response) Campus impacted, but center only offered the usual center services

13 21

Specific center responses (see table below)

414 455



How has your center responded to divisive social and political events impacting your campus? (Text Responses)

Some campuses indicated that they provided support to students who sought services, including some centers who increased their hours:  We do the best we can with the students in front of us.  We address it in individual and group therapy.  Provided support to students.  By offering counseling to those affected.  Individually within the counseling center. No specific programs were put on by us.  Offering support and services to affected students.  Provided counseling services to students impacted.  We discuss these events in therapy sessions as needed. We let students know that we are available should they wish to have a safe place to discuss these issues. We have not provided any campus-wide events.  Supported campus initiatives offering counseling services when requested or needed. The counseling center has not initiated any "interventions" on its own. We are a very politically conservative campus and try to take a neutral stance so all students will perceive the counseling center as sensitive to their values, etc.  Immediately following the 2016 election, the Counseling Center offered additional walk-in times and helping in facilitating campus conversations.  Email acknowledgement and reminder of counseling services to students. Some centers reported that they increased services for certain student populations:  Offered increased services, especially to students of color.  Increase hours, process group offered every week, supported educational efforts of the Diversity office.  Additional outreach to multicultural center; therapy group for students who identify differently than the majority culture on campus.


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