A Similar Story North of the Border


Canadian Colleges and Universities Experiencing Demand Spike

Not Just a Single Province Issue

A Sharp Upswing


Average percent increase in the number of counseling appointments across 13 post-secondary institutions, over the last five years

Ontario Campus Counsellors Say They’re Drowning in Mental Health Needs

Alberta Commits $7.5M to Improving Mental Health Resources at Calgary Colleges and Universities

In the last few years, we’ve seen a substantial rise in the number of students coming forward and asking for help with anxiety and depression. Despite a sizable budget increase last year, our counseling center is still feeling overrun and understaffed .”

Improving Access to Mental Health Counselling a Priority at University of British Columbia

Counseling Center Director Public Canadian University

Source: Cribb R, Ovid N et al., “Demand for Youth Mental Health Services is Exploding. How Universities and Business Are Scrambling to React,” Toronto Star, May 29, 2017 ,; EAB interviews and analysis.

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