Work on telepsychiatry services continues, also a mandate from the Board of Trustees. The cost of telepsychiatry services is proving to be a difficult barrier to overcome. A well-qualified company (Insight) has been identified and a partnership with KVH to share a provider is being actively worked toward. All agree it would be a wonderful partnership and fill a significant need, but the reimbursement for services is a barrier that is still being worked through at this time. Case Management Services is another significant element of mental health services to Central Students. Case Management staff are on the front line of following up with students who are identified as in distress of some sort, providing not only their own support services, but educating students about all of their service options. Case Managers also actively work with students to reduce barriers to access for all sorts of services, including mental health services. While the exact data is not available to me, a significant portion (at least 50%, I believe) of students in their service are classified as mental health concerns. Case Management and Counseling Services are close partners in service provision and support of students with mental health concerns. Disability Services is also a close collaborator with Counseling Services. A high proportion of students registered with Disability Services are registered for mental health or neurocognitive developmental concerns. In addition to all that is reported in this summary and attachments, other work to develop resources to address student needs are at work, including exploring legislative initiatives to increase funding and access to care, new programs to provide out-of-office access to counseling staff, attempts to increase support of faculty, who often find themselves on the front lines of student crises, among other activities. The development of the new Health and Wellness area within Student Success will

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