New Staff and Staff Transitions

Counseling Staff

The Counseling Team was pleased to welcome several new staff members this Fall. Two new permanent staff members, Nathaniel (Nate) O’Connor, PsyD and Gwendolyn (Gwen) Koenig, MA, LMHC joined the team. Both come to the clinic with previous experience working in college mental health and counseling and both moved from the East Coast for their new positions at Central Washington University. They have already made great contributions to the stu- dents we serve and to the overall Counseling Team. Nate, in addi- tion to student services, is a member of the Training Team for the Clinic’s doctoral internship, providing supervision and training to our interns. Gwen, brings previous substance abuse work experi- ence and, in addition to providing therapy, is partnering with our medical providers, Wellness, and others regarding Narcan proto- cols for the university. Three new doctoral interns also joined the staff this Fall. Carter Comrie, MA, Alexander (Xander) Krieg, MA, and Jeanette Ramey, BA will be part of the clinic staff through August 31, 2018. Carter joins the staff from the University of Detroit—Mercy, Xander from the University of Hawaii—Manoa, and Jeanette from California Luther- an University. Doctoral interns provide all the same clinical ser- vices as permanent staff, but under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. They also provide clinical supervision to our Master’s Interns, Itsel Corona Madrigal and Victoria Rivera, both from the Master’s of Mental Health Counseling program at CWU. Itsel and Victoria will be with the clinic through Spring Quarter 2018. Staff Transitions Rhonda McKinney, MS, LMFT has become the interim Executive Director of the Student Medical and Counseling Clinic, moving from the role of Associate Director of SMaCC/Director of Counseling. Cindy Bruns, PhD, has become the interim Associate Director of SMaCC/Director of Counseling, while also maintaining her Training Director role. Amal Mull, PsyD, a supervising psychologist, has had her position extended through June 15, 2018. Carolyn Cleveland, PhD, a supervising psychologist, has given notice that she intends to resign her position effective March 15, 2018.

Rhonda McKinney – Executive Director Cindy Bruns – Associate Director, Director of Counseling Services, Training Di- rector Carolyn Cleveland – Licensed Psychologist Laura Dixon – Licensed Psychologist Nate O’Connor – Licensed Psychologist Amal Mull – Licensed Psychologist Gwen Koenig – Licensed Counselor Melissa Anderson – Licensed Counselor Carter Comrie – Doctoral Intern Xander Krieg – Doctoral Intern Jeanette Ramey – Doctoral Intern Itsel Corona Madrigal - Master’s Intern Victoria Rivera — Master’s Intern


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