Vision, Mission, and Values

Diversity of Clients

1.2% Middle Eastern- American

During this year, the Counseling Clinic staff worked on articulating our shared vision, mission, and values by which we practice. This work provided a way for new and veteran team members to come together to create a shared vision and culture. It also served, dur- ing a very stressful time, to ground staff in why we do what we do and keep our eyes fixed on the larger picture. OUR MISSION: To support and improve the mental health, well- being, and academic success of our CWU student community by em- powering students to create meaningful and fulfilling lives. Quality professional services and care are at the heart of our clinic. OUR VISION: In pursuit of our mission, we commit to reach for a higher standard of service excellence by providing outcome driven and evidence-based care. AS WE PURSUE THAT VISION, WE STAND BY OUR VALUES: Caring/Concern/Compassion: Our work is driven by dedication to students we serve and an understanding of the importance of community in each of our lives. Dignity/Respect: We nurture and build on the variety of cultural strengths of the students we serve and our clinic staff by rec- ognizing, valuing, and responding to individual and community cultures. We seek diverse input regarding our services, pro- cesses, and decisions. Equity/Access: We will ensure equity by recognizing, respecting, and attending to the diverse strengths and challenges of our students and minimizing potential barriers to counseling ac- cess. Integrity/Trust: We strive to build an atmosphere of trust and transparency in which every person is treated respectfully, fairly, and ethically. Innovation: We challenge the way it has always been done. We learn from experiences to shape a better future for our stu- dents, our clinic, and the university community.

1.2% International Student

1.4% Native American

4.1% African-American

4.1% Asian-American/ Pacific Islander

9.1% Multi-ethnic identification 11.6% Hispanic- American/LatinX

62.9% Anglo-American

3.3% Transgender, Gender Queer, Agender

32.6% Male

62.8% Female

1.7% Asexual

2.7% Other sexual ori- entation

3.5% Gay/Lesbian

3.6% Pansexual

10.8% Bisexual

75.3% Heterosexual

16.7% Identify having a disability 1.5% Past Military ser- vice/Veteran status 37.7% Report religion/ spirituality matter mod- erately or “a lot” to them 43.1% Report unusual or traumatic experienc- es growing up

66.2% Have been in counseling before


67.1% Report mental health concerns in their family 16.5% Have a previous suicide attempt



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