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A Road Map to Closing Deals

Business majors and longtime entrepreneurs will be very familiar with this work. And in an age when many shiny new theories on leadership and personal development come out every year, it’s refreshing to revisit a classic that has stood the test of time. Thirty- five years after its original publication, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” should still be required reading for marketers, small- business owners, and anyone else looking to improve their negotiation skills.

Dr. Cialdini lays out six “universal principles” of the human psyche. These include “Reciprocity,” our tendency to want to return perceived kindness or concessions; “Commitment and Consistency,” our tendency to cling to past decisions; and “Scarcity,” our tendency to assign value to things based on their rarity. While these may sound like surface level business concepts, the way Dr. Cialdini uses these principles as a launching point gives “Influence” value. With each principle, the author dives into examples of how these psychological elements can be used by you or against you in any negotiation. Take “Commitment and Consistency” for example. If you are able to get a person to agree with you on several small points, you lay the groundwork for them to agree with you in the future. Conversely, you can be more alert when people try to use this tactic on you. One of the most powerful results of reading “Influence” is that it helps you recognize behaviors you yourself were unaware of. Indeed, that’s the whole underlying thesis of Dr. Cialdini’s work: As social creatures, we all have habitual behaviors geared towards finding common ground with others. Once you are aware of these behaviors, you’ll begin to see conversations and negotiations in a whole new light.

Written by Dr. Robert Cialdini, “Influence” explores why people say yes. A professor of business and psychology, Dr. Cialdini is uniquely qualified to tackle this question, combining scientific data with practical applications. “Influence” is still a subject of praise, with marketing research groups and journals of psychology lauding the book as a “proverbial gold mine.” You don’t have to get too far into “Influence” to see why.

FOCUS ON THE FIRM The Oilfield Equipment and Services Industry

Doré Law focuses on a handful of practice areas where our attorneys’ depth of experience and intimate familiarity with our clients’ businesses allow us to add the most value to our legal services. One area we have built a formidable reputation in over the last three decades is the oilfield equipment and services industry. In fact, several of our firm’s practice areas are dedicated to serving clients in that line of work. Doré Law files more mineral liens across the U.S. than any other law firm. Our clients rely on our expertise to protect their interests with that important tool. Our litigation section is also experienced at pursuing collections and defending claims and counterclaims when necessary. Over our decades of practicing,

our commercial litigation attorneys have successfully represented clients to not only recover outstanding debts, but defend against multimillion-dollar claims for well loss and damage to underground property. Our firm also has a section dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex world of bankruptcy claims. Doré Law has represented creditors in almost every oil and gas bankruptcy in the past decade, helping oilfield companies recover on their receivables and defending preference suits. Using a dedicated, experienced attorney and skilled paralegal staff, we have even taken over the task of initially reviewing Master Service Agreements (MSAs) from in-house

legal departments. Doré Law can perform this fixed-fee service more quickly (generally in less than 48 hours) and more cost-effectively, freeing general counsel to do other work. For clients without in-house counsel, our contracts attorney provides this indispensable risk-management service at a reasonable cost, and, because we review MSAs daily, our staff is always up to date on best practices and recent trends in the industry. Doré Law represents more companies in the oilfield equipment and services industry than any other legal group in Houston — a substantial accomplishment, considering the city is known as the Energy Capital of the World. After 30 years in the Houston Energy Corridor, we are proud of our reputation.


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