Palmilla Beach Resort E-Zine - Winter, 2021

Don’t have any sea-themed tree ornaments? Do a google search and check out Amazon, Etsy, At Home, or Wayfair for great selections of specific color and topical design elements, ornaments, and tree toppers. Collect some shells, sea anemones, and starfish, then paint them in pale pinks and blues and use those for tree ornaments. Less fragile than glass, they and can be reused in clear vases, jars, or hurricane lamps later. Turquoise and silver work well together, so use a metal basket or large glass jar to display a mixture of silver and pale blue tree ornaments. Don’t be afraid to toss some tinsel in there to sparkle things up or use a piece of driftwood for a rustic feel. Put your Christmas tree outside on a deck or terrace (weather permitting) and use beige burlap as a tree skirt as if the tree sprouted from the sand! Pot the tree in a rustic planter instead of a tree stand. Artificial trees are available everywhere and can be bought in blues, greens, pinks, silver, white, or greens. Then adorn it with similar shades of ornaments! Whatever color scheme you choose, just be sure to repeat the same colors throughout your home to create a continuous eye-pleasing symmetry.

Who says stockings have to be red? Imagine pastel fabrics with little seahorse appliques! Or pale pink felt with peach and red embroidered candy canes on them! Simple beige burlap or blue felting make awesome trim for pre-existing stockings too. Home stores have lots of different style and theme stockings, and craft stores have everything you need to sew or glue your own from- scratch stocking. And why do stockings have to hang from a mantel, anyway? Imagine them dangling in ascending height from the sides of your staircase, or from hooks on a wall of shiplap. Or suspended from your kitchen island in between stools!


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