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“Joy” Kiri finds so much joy in helping others. That is what brought her to Physical Therapy. She was born in Rochester, Mi nneso t a and grew up making snow forts, wearing ten layers of clothing just to go outside, and dabbl ing in

abdominal fascia during pregnancy; when not treated properly, it prevents sp i na l s tab i l i t y and core strength postpar tum. She also uses corrective exercises, including things from her training in Pilates, to restore pelvic floor function after birth.

competitive downhill ski racing (when she felt like she could handle the wind chill). For college, she moved south to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Graduate school brought her to sunny, Southern California; she learned that her own happiness flourishes in warmer climates. Her greatest joy comes from guiding others on their journey into healing. Naturally, the only thing that competes with that delight is seeing a big smile on her 8-month old son’s face and spending quality time with her husband! Physical Therapy. After her own pregnancy, Kiri found purpose in helping other women move through their prenatal and postpartum healing processes. In 2020, she finished her Pregnancy and PostpartumCorrective Exercise Specialist certification to further her education in this niche of physical therapy. Physical Therapy can be utilized very effectively during pregnancy to prevent pain in the back, hips, and ribs, as well as many other things that pregnant women may experience. During postpartum recovery, Kiri facilitates diastasis recti recovery– a normal separation that occurs in the

Relearning how to breathe properly, improving shoulder mechanics to pick up heavy babies, and preventing back and neck pain due to breastfeeding are just a few of the things she enjoys teaching new mothers. Her mission is to create strength and resilience in a new mother’s body, so that they may enjoy their new journey without preventable aches or movement impairments. Kiri’s Dream: “My ultimate career dream would be to have preventative postpartum physical therapy as commonplace at the 6-week OB/GYN follow up. I want to be a part of creating a community of healthy, supported, and strong women, who can raise their babies without pain or discomfort. Mothers are in charge of providing the foundation for the next generation, and I want to be a part of keeping that foundation strong.“ Fun Fact: Kiri began playing flute at age four and earned the title of the top flautist in Minnesota by the age of 17. Much to her parents’ despair, Kiri has not played her flute in 5 years… BUT she loves singing and making songs for her little guy.


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