VitrA Design Update #1

VitrA – Design Update No.1


Welcome An introduction to the first edition of Design Update from VitrA

5 VitrA’s Design Ethos

Design Director Erdem Akan on VitrA’s design values

6 Mid-Century Modern The evolution of the 21st century bathroom

8 The Sociable Bathroom

Reframing the bathroom as a shared space with Terri Pecora

10 Bathrooms for the Third Age How design can help us live well as we live longer


Morningside Retreat A Balinese inspired bathroom escape in Edinburgh

14 Modular Home, Modular Bathroom Insight into the popularity of modular housing

18 The VitrA Company An international approach 20

Innovation Introducing VitrA’s world-class Innovation Centre

The Eczacıbaşı Group An introduction to the Eczacıbaşı Group


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