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APRIL 2022

Legally Brief With Kevin Patrick Automobile accidents | Daycare injuries | wrongful death


the Cat” books before we dropped them off. They have strong moral and ethical underpinnings that encourage hard work, responsibility, and caring for others. As a lawyer, those things are part of my job, too. I think “Pete the Cat” will teach the Doraville kids some great life lessons. We got to see the kids when we dropped off the books, plus the librarians and teachers, too. They really appreciated the contribution. I’m looking forward to going back in a few weeks and

meaningful solutions. I also get to say that it is pretty cool to help people for a living, and maybe they should try it, too! Most of all, things like Career Day and dropping off library books are great ways to show the kids that we’re not just faceless people in a big office — we’re humans! It sounds cheesy, but a lot of kids just know lawyers from billboards and ads

on TV that talk about the almighty dollar. By going in person, we can be not only good lawyers, but also good stewards of our community. I think that’s just as important as what we do in the courtroom. We are committed to helping out at Doraville United not just once, but any time they need us. It’s the same commitment we give to

A few weeks back, I took some time out of my legal schedule to visit Doraville United Elementary and drop off “Pete the Cat” books. My son and daughter love “Pete the Cat,” so I thought the series would be a great addition to the Doraville United Elementary library. I was tempted to bring a few thick books about torts and contracts, too, but I realized the kids would probably want something a little less dry. (Sometimes I have to rein in my lawyer tendencies!) Our firm has been a community partner for Doraville for a few years now. Pre- pandemic, they called on us for help whenever they needed Christmas gifts for students, and it was nice to get the call about the library this winter. They needed books, and we were ready to help! It combined two of my favorite things — reading and giving back to the community. I love reading both by myself and to my kids. Between legal updates and case files, my work requires a lot of it! I even enjoyed thumbing through the “Pete


seeing the youngsters themselves on Career Day. I try to make it to that event every year to answer the kids’ questions about what it’s like to be a lawyer. The kids’ perspectives are always refreshing. I usually get two reactions.

our clients. Our cases aren’t one-and-done. They’re an ongoing process and our help is always available. If you’ve worked with us in the past, I hope you know that I’m still your lawyer, even months or years later! I’m here to help, whether you need legal advice or a copy of “Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses.”

1. “Wow, you help people for a living? That’s so cool!” 2. “Ooh, if you’re a lawyer, you must like to argue.” Career Day is a great opportunity for me to change the stereotypes kids have of a smooth-talking lawyer with slicked-back hair and a pinstripe suit. I get to explain that I don’t exactly like to argue — I discuss things and help my clients find

All the best,

This publication is for informational purposes only, and no legal advice is intended.

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April Fools’ Day Gone Wrong

3 PRANKS THAT SEVERELY BACKFIRED April 1, aka April Fools’ Day, is when people love to pull pranks on one another. But if they’re not careful, pranks can end with a court case or jail time. Let’s take a look at a few April Fools’ pranks that have brutally backfired. NAVISTAR PLANT SHUTDOWN In April 2021, Pamela Sisco texted her sister about an active shooter at Navistar Plant in Clark County. Her sister was frightened, and she called the authorities to let them know about the situation. The plant shut down after hearing about the incident because they thought it was a real threat. When officers were at the scene, they charged Sisco with inducing panic and disrupting public services. This is a fifth-degree felony in Ohio, and she was sentenced to a year in prison. RADIO CONTEST GONE WRONG KBDS (103.9 FM) is a radio station in California that held a contest in 2005. They told their listeners they could win a new Hummer if they tracked the number of miles of two Hummers as they drove around town. Shannan Castillo won the contest, and when she went to pick up her brand-new car, the DJ came out with a remote control toy car. They then went on air and laughed about how they fooled everyone.

Castillo hired an attorney and sued the radio station for $60,000 — the cost of a new Hummer. PRACTICAL JOKE AT WORK CREATES A LAW Glenn Howlett was a services manager at London City Hall in London,

Ontario, Canada. In 2004, he decided to take a vacation to relax and not think about work. His colleagues decided to tell him that a major project he was working on was due earlier than Howlett expected. So, he made his vacation short and decided to return to work to finish his project. He became so stressed out that he began having heart palpitations and collapsed. Afterward, he sued his now former employer for damages. As a result, the city passed a law prohibiting practical jokes within workplaces. As you plan your pranks for April Fools’ Day, remember not to go too far with your jokes. Make them lighthearted and fun so everyone can laugh about them in the future.


Every day, roughly eight people are killed in crashes involving a distracted driver. To keep your loved ones safe and avoid distractions on the road, take these five precautions. 1. Do a car check before you drive. When you slide into the driver’s seat, ask yourself these questions: Are my mirrors in place? Is the radio on the station I want? Is the heater/AC adjusted? Do I have my GPS set? Taking care of these things before driving will minimize the number of times you look away from the road. 2. Put away your cellphone. Here in Georgia, that isn’t just a recommendation — it’s the law. Our state passed the Hands-Free Georgia Act in 2018 and it’s still alive and well today. Under the act, you can’t hold a cellphone or other electronic device while driving. That means no calling or texting unless you can do so hands-free. (Even then, we’d recommend against it.) 3. Avoid snacking or drinking on the go. If you can, try to eat before leaving home, and enjoy your thermos of coffee after you’ve arrived at your destination. Snacks and drinks

draw your eyes away from the road, and you may miss important traffic signals.

4. Strap in your pets and kids. There’s nothing more distracting than a toddler crawling loose in the back seat or a dog licking your ear! To avoid both, make sure your kids are buckled into proper boosters or car seats and your pets are secured in carriers or harnesses. Reaching behind you or turning around can make you lose control of your car. 5. Don’t drive when your emotions are running high. One popular way to diffuse an emotional situation is to leave the house and go for a drive. But if your mind is focused on an argument, you won’t be giving the road your full attention. Instead of driving with shaky hands and buzzing brain, try sitting in the parked car while you cool off. If someone you love is injured in a car crash despite taking these precautions, they can always schedule a free consultation with the Kevin Patrick Law team. Please share our website ( ) and phone number ( 404-566-5880 ), and we’ll help them just like we helped you.

You can always reach Kevin directly at 404.566.8964 or (If you ever need it, his cellphone is 404.409.3160.)

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WE Earned a Special Review Thanks for Your Kind Words, Latoya!

As I write this, our firm is fortunate enough to have 83 five-star reviews on Google — 83! I can hardly believe it. Scrolling through those kind words reminds me why I enjoy my job so much, and a few months ago, one particular message from a client named Latoya made my whole day. She rated us positively on professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value, and left this thoughtful message. “I am very grateful for the help I received from Kevin Patrick. Two years ago, I got into a multiple-car accident. I was not at fault and none of the insurance companies wanted to take responsibility. Kevin exceeded my expectations tremendously. He represented me very well and I would not have [had] it any other way. Any time I needed an update, he answered promptly with a high level of professionalism. "More than anything, he always reached out to make sure [my family and I] were okay. I love the way he builds rapport with his clients! He

connects with you on a more personal level to let you know that he is diligently doing what's best for you. "Kevin, I wanted you to know that you are absolutely stunning; you do your job very, very well, and I appreciate everything you have done in handling my case. Thank you so much!”


If you’re reading this, Latoya, please know that I truly appreciate your review! It means a lot that you took the time to write it. Frankly, it’s not easy being the client of a law

firm. If someone finds their way to us, it means they’re dealing with something terrible, whether that’s a car accident, an injury, or the violation of a loved one. The fact that Latoya and others like her not only stay strong through that process and trust us to help them, but also leave lovely notes like this one on Google … well, it’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you, Latoya, for sharing your experience. We will continue striving to live up to it!

Pecan Cream Pie

Take A Break

This creamy pecan pie tastes like a dream and is simple enough for even a novice baker.

Ingredients •

1 9-inch uncooked pie crust • 1 cup heavy whipping cream • 1/4 cup powdered sugar • 2 8-oz bars of cream cheese, softened Directions 1. Cook pie crust according to package instructions. 2. In a small bowl, combine heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. Beat for several minutes with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form. 3. In a separate larger bowl, combine the softened cream cheese, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Beat together until combined and creamy.

• • •

1/2 cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup pure maple syrup

1 1/2 cups finely chopped pecans, divided

4. Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture and stir together until combined. Stir in 1 cup of chopped pecans. 5. With a spatula, spread mixture into the baked and cooled pie crust. Sprinkle the remaining pecans on top of the pie. 6. Cover and refrigerate overnight before serving.


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Inside This Issue 1 KPL Visits a Local Elementary School 2 Major April Fools’ Day Fails Tips for Staying Safe While You Drive 3 A Word From Our Client Latoya

Pecan Cream Pie 4 Welcome Spring With Open Arms

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Get Sprung

4 Ways to Harvest Positive Vibes in Spring

Have you ever noticed that springtime just feels lighter and brighter? That's because, believe it or not, the seasons affect us. When spring rolls around, the energy shifts, and it's up to us to maximize those positive vibes. Let's examine how we can make the most of spring and inject some color and vibrancy into our lives again after a long winter.

workout outdoors, or just enjoy the fresh air. Also, many areas observe daylight saving time, which extends sunlight into the evening, so no matter how you choose to spend your extra daylight, make it an adventure. WELCOME SPRING-CLEANING. It isn’t called spring-cleaning for nothing! Decluttering, dusting, reorganizing, and tidying up feels great! It’s

RELY ON COLOR. Colors have the ability to elicit certain emotions and feelings. Tropical tones and pastels are everywhere in spring — the clear sky, grass, and flowers — so allow them to fill your space and take them with you as constant reminders to smile. If you’re up for it, wear some new colors to brighten up your wardrobe, and don’t forget to take in a sunset when you’re able!

empowering and refreshing. There is something special about creating more space in your living space that gets the positivity flowing.

EAT FRESH, COLORFUL FOODS. During spring, many delicious fruits and

vegetables come into season. Berries, oranges, apples, carrots, avocados, cherries, spinach, and kale are all at their peak. Your local farmers market is a great place to get the freshest produce to fuel your body! Spring is a time for new beginnings and positivity. Make the most of this spring season by welcoming a fresh abundance of love and life.

ENJOY MORE HOURS OF DAYLIGHT. Spring brings more hours of sunlight and warming temperatures that can give you more time to enjoy your morning cup of coffee outside. You can take an early stroll around the block, get in a

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