Alumni Yearbook 2023

Message from the Vice Chancellorfor Academic Affairs

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to our graduates, who are the result of a continuous effort during the years of study for an integrated work team, whether students, members of academic and administrative staff, the university administration and board of trustees, as they all contributed to creating a suitable environment for the process of teaching and learning. The graduation of a new batch of Umm Al Quwain University students is a reflection of the educational process success in all its aspects, which is based on knowledge and practical applications to link the practical side with theory in order to graduate a qualified cadre for the labor market to contributes to the development of society. By the time our students reach the graduation stage, they would have made friendships and memories that will continue with them after forever, and applied knowledge through practical applications that in turn qualify them for the labor market, which results in continued professional success. In addition to the fact that you graduate from a university known for its great transcendence, through joint work and cooperation on a global scale, and the concerted efforts of individuals who are able to unite the individuals will to build those bridges that will enable us to reach our desired goal. This is precisely what you offer to the United Arab Emirates.


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