Alumni Yearbook 2023

Praise be to Allah. As we celebrate the graduation of a new batch of students from the College of Law, we extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to our graduates as they live the happiest moments and most influential memories. Dear graduates, we are all proud of you and the success and excellence you have reached. You are on the verge of embarking on a new stage in your life, and it has become your right to reap the fruit of your diligence. More work is expected and hoped of you in developing your skills on the path of giving and excellence to serve our benevolent country and to be its loyal soldiers and contributors to prosperity, comprehensive construction, and development in various aspects of life. As we celebrate this year, we would like to emphasize that the College of Law will always strive to provide a distinguished legal education that keeps pace with the requirements of the labor market to ensure that students obtain the best levels of education and prepare graduates with legal competence that consolidate the foundations of justice and law in the future. On this occasion, we convey that the Faculty of Law will soon offer various Master›s programs to achieve the Umm Al Quwain mission in community service..


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