CCV Sprint Triathlon Athlete Guide

CCV Sprint Triathlon Wednesday, June 12, 2019 5:45 a.m.


10 mile Indoor Cycle  2.5 mile Golf Course Run  500 meter Pool Swim

 Prior to the race- There will be a bin outside of the cycle studio where you can drop whatever gear you may need for the swim (cap, goggles, water bottle, etc.). Your gear will be waiting for you at the front gate of the pool when you complete your run. It is highly recommended to wear your bathing suit for the whole race (while you are cycling and running) to eliminate the need for changing in the middle. If you still prefer to change after the run you can put your swimsuit in this gear bag too and change at the pool. Please keep all belongings in one bag labeled with your name on it.  Event starts promptly at 5:45am so be in the cycle studio by 5:30am to get your bike set up and for pre-race instructions. There will be an instructor present with music and motivation to get you through your ride. Everyone will start at the same time- you are finished when you reach your 10 miles.  Bring what you need to change from cycling to running (shoes!) to the cubbies outside of the cycle room and have it ready before you start your ride. You will leave these things outside of the studio and make the change there when you finish riding. Everyone is going to be finishing their bike at different times so we want to avoid the chaos in the room while people are still riding. Once you are ready to run, head up the steps and out the FRONT door of the fitness center and GO!  The run is an out and back route once you get on the golf course cart path and finishes at the front gate of the pool. There will be someone to direct you out of the parking lot as you leave the fitness center as well as cones and arrows to guide you on the course. Keep running until you see the sign/cone that says TURN around! Please stay on your right while running on the cart path as there will be runners going in both directions.

 Grab your swim gear and head to the lap pool (you will be assigned a lane as you enter the pool- plan to share) 500 meters=20 lengths of the pool, complete your 20 laps and climb out to signify you are DONE!


Please register online if you would like to participate. Registration opens May 22 and closes June 9. Spots limited to 26 members. Contact Katie Ledesma at with questions.

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