GENEDGE Annual Report 2016


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Customer Needs

Business Lines & Services

Staff Expertise

Strategy, Innovation & Growth

“At a critical time in our business, GENEDGE progressed us through a series of expertly facilitated sessions using proven, results oriented methods. We are now offsetting reductions in government spending by introducing our product into the first responder community.” - Ron Verostek, President/CEO, Phoenix Group, Chesapeake, Va.

Process Optimization

Change Management

Technology Acceleration

Cost of Service

“We serve a very competitive short-run, fast-turnaround niche market. GENEDGE’s affordable services have helped a small company like ours to optimize our processes, implement ISO 9000, reduce downtime, and increase capacity to grow.” - Mark Williams, President, Richmond Corrugated Box, Richmond, Va.

Cost Reduction

GENEDGE Staff & Partners 2016

“Through the GENEDGE engagement, operating income increased such that the federal taxes paid on the increase more than offset the investment made to our

Reasons Clients Select GENEDGE   Reasons Clients Select GENEDGE

company by the Office of Economic Adjustment.” - Ted Anderson, President, BondCote, Pulaski, Va.

Cost of Service   Staff Exper:se  

Lack of Providers   Specific Services   Knowledge   Reputa:on of Results   Fair Service  

Growth Opportunity

“Since our first meeting to discuss strategic planning we have grown by over 200% and were listed in 2015 as one of the fastest growing companies in Hampton Roads.” - Ross D. Vierra, President/CEO, Axis Global Industries, Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.









*Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Independent Survey of Clients

Employee Recruitment   Product Development   Growth Opportunity   Cost Reduc&on   GENEDGE Clients'  Important Strategic Challenges   GENEDGE Clients’ Important Strategic Challenges

Product Development

Technology needs   Manage Partners   Sustainability  

“As a result of the efforts of GENEDGE and its partner ODU, we have been able to grow production capacity of a new commercial product line by over 300%, with anticipated future sales in the millions of dollars.” - Bart Heenan, CEO, Morphix Technologies, Virginia Beach, Va.

Expor&ng   Financing  

*Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Independent Survey of Clients 0   20   40   60   80   100   120   140   160   180

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